45 Best Team Building Ideas by Industry

Team building is vital to any workforce, across professions. Here at A Company Picnic, we’ve been organizing team building activities and events for over 35 years.

Over these decades, we’ve developed a repertoire of team building games and exercises tailored to specific companies and professions.

We find that activities based around a team’s line of work makes the learning process more fun and meaningful.

If you’re looking for team building activities for your team’s profession, we’ve gathered our top picks all in one place. Here are some of our favorite ideas for your team.

Team Cheering During Team Building Games

Social Services


Communication, teamwork, team bonding, leisure

  • Silent Interviews 
  • Name That Tune 
  • The Color Game 
  • John Wayne 
  • The Question Game
Group Playing Team Building Game in a Gazebo

Fire Services


Teamwork, unity, collaboration, communication

  • “Hose”-Off
  • “Fire Extinguisher” Race 
  • Pass It On
  • Pin the Spot on the Dalmatian 
  • Dodgeball
Group Playing Sprocket Race Team Building Game

Customer Service


Teamwork, relaxation, team bonding

  • Human Knot 
  • Sports Tournament 
  • Relay Races 
  • Build a Bridge, Cross the River
  • Zen Garden
Team Building Ideas: Group Playing Cornhole

Law Firms


Collaboration, team bonding, brainpower

  • 2 Truths and a Perjury 
  • Law Trivia 
  • Minefield 
  • Judge’s Robe Obstacle Course
  • Relay Race with Gavel
Team Dressed as Cheerleaders at Team Building Event

Finance Workers


Brainpower, team bonding, collaboration

  • Rope Handcuffs
  • Truth or Challenge Jenga
  • Geocache Adventure 
  • Giant Jigsaw 
  • Leaky Pipe
Team Celebrating a Win at Team Building Field Games

Tech Industry


Teamwork, collaboration, communication

  • QR Code Race
  • VR Game Competition 
  • LAN Party
  • Online Treasure Hunt 
  • Code Competition
Players High Fiving at Team Building Game Competition

Aerospace Workers


Quick thinking, team bonding, collaboration

  • Paper Plane Contest 
  • Soda Bottle Rocket Contest 
  • Saturn Ring Toss 
  • RC Helicopter Race 
  • Model Rocket Race
Group Playing Team Building Game

Manufacturing Companies


Team bonding, collaboration, teamwork

  • Let’s Go LEGOs 
  • Blind Bridge Build 
  • Assembly Line Race 
  • Big Bad Wolf 
  • Pipeline

See how to play in our full list of manufacturing company team building games, or read our blog about team building BUILDING activities.

Team Building Ideas: Water Balloon Toss

Healthcare Workers


Communication, teamwork, collaboration

  • Dodge the Disease 
  • Blood Bank Challenge 
  • Race to Radiology 
  • It’s Med-o-Clock! 
  • Gauze Wrap Two Legged Race

Team Building Ideas Tailored to You

Looking for more personalized suggestions or an industry not listed? Want to find team building ideas tailored to your own company and team? Our event coordinators are here to collaborate with and inspire you. Fill out the form below to be connected with one of our coordinators to devise the perfect team building activities for your team.