Fun Minute to Win It Team Building Activities

When you’re looking for team building activities that are time-efficient, minute to win it games not only provide incredible fun in a short time but provide laughter and promote bonding and camaraderie for your team. 

All the minute-to-win-it team building activities on this list were chosen for their friendly competition and hilarity. Oh, and the 10 minutes or less is a nice bonus!

57 Minute to Win It Team Building Activities

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  1. Elephant Walk: Players line up and knock down water bottles or cups using only head movements while wearing pantyhose with a tennis ball inside, without using their hands.
  2. Face the Cookie: Players lie down face up and place a cookie on their forehead. Using only their facial muscles (no hands), they compete to get it into their mouth before anyone else.
  3. Defying Gravity: Give each player three balloons. They have to keep all three balloons up in the air for a minute.
  4. Bottle to Bottle: Fill one 2-liter bottle with something (Lucky Charms, jellybeans, etc.) and tape to another 2-liter bottle – players have to transfer each from one bottle to the other.
  5. Shimmy Shake: Tape an empty Kleenex box to a pair of pantyhose, fill it with ping pong balls, and then tape it around someone’s waist. They have to shake until all the balls fall out.
  6. Wrap It Up: A two-player game where one person has to wrap the other person in toilet paper mummy style.
  7. Traffic Yam: Push a sweet potato across the floor from one side of the room to another with just your nose. 
  8. Iron Man: Use a chopstick to stack iron nuts on top of each other.
  9. Choosing Cups: Set out 25 cups, filling all of them partway with water. Put a sticker on the bottom of some of the cups. Players have to pick one cup at a time, trying to find a sticker.
  10. Sticky Situation: This popular game requires players to bounce a ping pong ball just right, to land it on a piece of bread slathered in peanut butter. 
  11. Cup to Cup: Players in a single-file line pass a cup over their heads to transfer water from a front bucket to a back one; the first team to reach the mark on the bucket wins.
  12. Sock the Block: Build several LEGO block towers and place them around the room. Players must use balled-up socks to knock over all towers.
  13. Defying Gravity: Using one hand, players keep their balloons in the air for one minute. 
  14. Ball Drop: Players standing on a chair aim to land three ping pong balls in a plastic cup on the ground without any misses or bounce-outs..
  15. Cereal Scramble: Players race to piece together a cereal box cut into equal pieces to form a flat tower within one minute.
  16. Movin’ On Up: Players stack 25 cups of one color with one differently colored cup at the bottom, then move the top cup to the bottom to see how far they can advance the single-colored cup to the top within one minute.
  17. Stack Attack: Players race to stack and unstack a single column of 36 plastic cups into a pyramid within one minute.
  18. Johnny Applestack: Players have one minute to stack five apples on top of each other and stay for three seconds.
  19. Rubber Band Shooting Gallery: Get some rubber bands and empty water bottles or aluminum cans and have players stand 10 feet away. Start the clock and see how many they can knock over in a minute!
  20. Doughnut Chew: First, tie a string around a doughnut, then hang it between two chairs. Players must find a way to eat the doughnut within a minute without it falling to the floor.
  21. This Blows: Each player has one minute to blow up a balloon and then use the air that’s inside of it to knock over as many plastic cups as they can. 
  22. Chandelier: Players have one minute to stack 15 aluminum cans with four paper plates in between to see how high they can go.
  23. Sponge Run: Teams race to soak up the water with a sponge, carry it on their heads to fill an empty bucket, squeeze it out, and return; the first to fill their bucket wins.
  24. Noodling Around: In this minute-to-win game, players use one strand of uncooked spaghetti held in their mouth to pick up six pieces of penne pasta within 60 seconds, without using their hands.
  25. Scoop It Up: Players must move six ping pong balls from one bowl to another, using only a spoon held in their mouth.
  26. Card Ninja: Slice a watermelon in half, securing it on a table or other flat surface, and give the players cards to throw. Whoever gets the most cards into the melon in one minute wins. 
  27. Puddle Jumper: Arrange filled plastic cups in a row, placing a ping pong ball on the first; players blow the ball from cup to cup, racing to move the most within one minute.
  28. Penny Hose: Players have to retrieve two pennies from the bottom of a pair of pantyhose. It’s harder than it looks!
  29. Nut Stacker: Each player has one minute to stack hex nuts onto a wooden stick or dowel.
  30. Leaning Tower of LEGO: Fill two bins/buckets with LEGO. Players must use all the bricks in the container. If the tower breaks, continue to stack. 
  31. Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Toss: Participants are given a designated number of marshmallows and see how many the team can throw into the mug in one minute.
  32. Penny Tower: Players compete to see how many pennies they can stack in one hand in a minute.
  33. Keep it Up: Using only their breath, players must keep two feathers in the air for one minute. 
  34. Go Fish!: Using goldfish crackers, straws, and two plates, players race to see how many they can transfer from one plate to another using only the suction from the straw and no hands. 
  35. Ping Pong Toss: Players have one minute to try and toss ping pong balls in a container on the opposite end of the table. Three in a row wins, or, at the end of the minute, whoever has the most balls in their container.
  36. Spin Doctor: Two players compete to spin a coin on a table and win by stopping it upright for three seconds within a minute.
  37. State of Fun: Players are given paper and pencils and must write down as many state capitals as they can before the timer goes off. 
  38. Gummy Worm Search: Fill aluminum pie pans with gummy worms and cover them with whipped cream. Players have to compete to find the most gummy worms using their mouths.
  39. Straw and Tissue Race: Players stand in a line and use straws to pass a piece of tissue from one end of the line to the other. 
  40. Penny Drop: Drop as many pennies as you possibly can into a shot glass contained within a vase full of water within a minute.
  41. Pretzel Pickup: Players must hold the chopstick between their teeth and use it to collect as many pretzels as they can before the timer goes off.
  42. Don’t Blow the Joker: Blow away the entire deck of cards except for the Joker card placed at the bottom of the deck. 
  43. Feed Your Friend: One player is blindfolded and must spoon-feed the second player. The player being fed is allowed to give directions but can’t guide the spoon with their hands.
  44. Penny Hurl: While blindfolded, players throw as many pennies as they can into a cup before time runs out.
  45. Suck It Up: Players use straws to suck pieces of candy (such as M&Ms or Skittles) and balance them on each of the standing straws.
  46. Wet Balloon: Use a spray bottle of water to push a balloon through the air into a container.
  47. M&M’s Bowl: Using chopsticks, transfer as many M&Ms from one bowl to another in one minute.
  48. Balloon Cups: Place the cups on the table, the opening facing up. Hold an empty balloon with your mouth. Place the balloon inside the cup and start inflating it. Once it gets big enough to touch the sides, lift the cup with the balloon. Move the cup to the other end of the table. Continue moving the cups with a balloon.
  49. Nose Dive: Fill a bowl with marshmallows. Players place a dollop of petroleum jelly on the tip of their nose, then dive into a bowl full of marshmallows and transfer marshmallows one by one into another bowl.
  50. Rubber Band Shooting Range: Stack several empty soda cans into a pyramid and have players shoot rubber bands at them, attempting to knock down the pyramid. Whoever has the fewest cans standing at the end of one minute, wins.
  51. Proper Posture: Players balance a book on their head while attempting to complete an obstacle course in one minute. 
  52. Block Tower: Build the tallest tower in one minute using only one hand. You are not allowed to do anything to keep it from falling.
  53. Yank Me Around: Stack plastic cups upside down and put sheets of paper in between each cup. The goal is to yank the paper out so the cup can fall and stack neatly onto the next one. Get all the cups stacked before time runs out.
  54. Fork it Over: Attempt to roll a quarter between the prongs of an upside-down fork.
  55. A Little Dicey: Players use a craft stick or tongue depressor held in their mouth and stack as many dice on it as possible in one minute.
  56. Ping Pong Pyramid: Set up 6 cups in a triangular shape on the table and try to toss a ping pong ball into each of the cups before time runs out.
  57. Anagrams: Pick a fun word or phrase and have players rearrange the letters to create anagrams. Whoever has the most anagrams after 60 seconds wins.
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