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Team Building Games for the Tech Industry

Teamwork and collaboration are exceptionally important in the tech industry, where many jobs require communication and the sharing of ideas. No matter the specialty, though, a well-connected team is sure to make any company more successful. Team building games are most effective when they’re both enjoyable and relatable to the players. In this article, we’ll delve into some of our favorite tech-related team building games that are sure to make your next event a hit.

10 Tech-Related Team Building Games:

Team Building Games for Tech Employees

AirTag Scavenger Hunt

What You’ll Need:

  • AirTags
  • iPads

In this game, teams race to locate every AirTagged item in a given location following clues on the iPads given to them. This scavenger hunt should be timed and preferably done in a large location. Its use of technology harkens back to spheres of the tech industry. Additionally, like other games in this list, the AirTags can be gifted to whichever team wins.

VR Game Competition

What You’ll Need:

  • VR Headset
  • Game(s) of Choice

Especially for those in the game development sphere of the tech industry, a video game tournament of any kind is a great way to promote team bonding. VR headsets, especially those operated by phone, are a simple way to make your team building game experience extra special. Whether it’s a VR party game or something a little more complicated, offering this experience is fitting for certain sectors of the tech industry.

Tech Trivia

What You’ll Need:

  • Flash Cards
  • Whiteboard

In this game, your team will have to answer correctly to tech trivia questions. Answers should be written on flash cards for the game’s host to have at the ready, and questions should be written up on a whiteboard for players to see. This game can be made more specific to your team’s specialty, or made from a more generalized knowledge. 

Tech-Related Team Building Game Ideas

Online Treasure Hunt

What You’ll Need:

  • Internet Access
  • A List of Websites Containing the Information For the Hunt
  • Laptop or iPad

A popular, web-based form of scavenger hunt, the online treasure hunt is a fun, memorable game well-suited for those in the tech world. To play, you’ll need to write up some clues and have websites in mind for them to point to. You can choose only a few, to make the game short, or several, to make it more difficult. Points can be awarded according to what team finishes first, or players can all play solo and points awarded per found webpage.

iPad Scavenger Hunt

What You’ll Need:

  • iPads
  • List of Objects to Find

Touching on the tech industry by way of being an entirely digital experience, the iPad scavenger hunt is played by giving teams a list of objects to snap photos of. This game is best played in a large location and can be tailored to the specific place it’s held in. The first team to find and photograph every object on the list wins the hunt.

Game Booths

What You’ll Need:

  • Carnival Game Booths

Tech is all about solving problems. Sometimes you can use games to hone that skill, just like ASGN did with their specialized carnival game booths, each one designed to use different skill sets, from dexterity to problem-solving.

Team Building Game Ideas for Tech Companies

USB Hub Relay Race

What You’ll Need:

  • USB Drives
  • USB Hub

This relay race utilizes USB drives and a multi-port hub in place of a baton, adding a bit of homage to those working in technology. Each member of the team is given a USB drive and must race to plug it into the hub at the finish line before tagging in another team member to do the same. The number of ports in the hubs will determine the size of your teams. Optionally, the hubs and USB drives can be given away as prizes at the end of the race.

QR Code Race

What You’ll Need:

  • QR Code Stickers
  • iPads

This digitally oriented game is perfect for tech teams. To play, stick QR code stickers on objects around the area hosting the game. Players must race to scan everyone. The first team to finish wins the race.

LAN Party

What You’ll Need:

  • Computers
  • Plenty of Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Network Switch if Large Party
  • Game of Choice

Depending on the size of your team and whether or not they work in software, an old-fashioned LAN party is a great way to promote team bonding while being something pertinent to their industry. This activity can be nostalgic for many members of your team, and game developers in particular will be thrilled to join in.

Tech Employee Team Building Game Ideas

Code Competition

What You’ll Need:

  • Computers

Your software engineers may enjoy the friendly competition of a code competition. There are plenty of websites devoted to hosting code competitions, perfect for your team to show off their skills and bond over.

VR Escape Room

What You’ll Need:

  • VR Headsets
  • Escape Room Game of Choice

VR escape rooms are loads of fun, especially to those in the game development industry. There are plenty of VR escape challenges to choose from, each one uniquely challenging and enjoyable. We find that escape rooms are a great team building exercise, as they rely on communication and teamwork to win.

Team Building Games for Tech Companies

Team Building Games for the Tech Industry & Beyond!

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