Company BBQ Food Ideas: 10 Mouthwatering Menus

Food brings us together. What would a company picnic be without food, after all? Whether it’s bonding over a cold one, or sharing an amazing handmade lunch, food is the one thing that’s sure to always unite us. If you’re looking for company BBQ food ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got you covered, from themed menus to novelty add-ons, and everything in between. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Classic BBQ Menu

If you picture a department cookout, chances are you think of burgers and hotdogs, don’t you? Our Classic BBQ Menu encompasses everything one thinks of when “cookout” is mentioned. We offer not only hamburgers and hotdogs (and their veggie versions), but potato salad, garden salad, fresh fruit, and all the fixings. Our amazing caterers grill everything over a top-of-the-line woodsmoke grill, giving it that extra special flavor. We’ll also bring in lemonade, bottled water, and sodas for your team to enjoy. If you’re looking for a classic grill-out menu, this is the perfect choice for you!

Little Girl Enjoying a Sno Cone at Bobrick's 2019 Family Fun Day

Fun Novelty Foods for a Staff Picnic

  • Cotton Candy
  • Shaved Ice
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • Churros
  • Saltwater Taffy
  • Candy Apples

Upgraded BBQ Menus:

Deluxe Menu

Looking to treat your team to something special? We offer a Deluxe Menu plan with exactly that in mind. For this, our BBQ chefs pull out all the stops, grilling up some amazing ribs, tri tip, brisket, sausage, grilled chicken, fried chicken, street tacos, and kebabs. For sides, we offer honey baked beans, three bean salad, coleslaw, chips and salsa, cucumber and tomato salad, and so much more. We’ll bring in fresh baked rolls and offer to host a serviced bar with beer and wine for your guests to enjoy. If you’re looking for something fancy, this is a great fit for your staff picnic.

Premier Menu

If you’re shooting for even fancier, we also offer a Premier Menu option with even more extravagant choices. This menu pairs well with a Luxury upgrade to your employee cookout, where we treat your guests to only the finest. For this menu, our caterers bring in prime steaks, spareribs, baby back ribs, mouthwatering bourbon drenched chicken breasts, shrimp kabobs, delectable lamb, grilled salmon or tuna, and whole pig on a spit roast. We offer some extravagant sides as well: mozzarella and tomato salad, parmesan crusted mac-n-cheese, roasted asparagus, walnut coleslaw, Hawaiian macaroni salad, and so much more. If you want your team to feel like royalty, the Premier Menu is right for you.

BBQ Catering at Havana Day Dreamin' Corporate BBQ in California

Summer Picnic Food Ideas

  • Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
  • Watermelon Slices
  • Ice Cream or Shaved Ice
  • Fruit Salad
  • Garden Fresh Salad

Cultural Themed Menus

We offer no shortage of themed menu options, with cultural cuisine in mind. If you’re looking to host a themed company picnic, whether it’s a cultural theme or a fantastical theme, we can bring in top-notch culinary creations just right for it.

Luau Themed

Looking for delicious Hawaiian cuisine? Whether you’re hosting a Luau themed company picnic, or simply love the islands’ food, our Luau Themed Menu is perfect for any occasion. Our caterers grill up baby back ribs with a sweet teriyaki BBQ sauce and Asian barbeque chicken on top of burgers and hotdogs. We’ll also serve Hawaiian macaroni salad, Asian garden salad, tropical fruit salad, and Hawaiian rolls. In the past, when we’ve hosted a Luxury Luau, we’ve also brought in branded fresh coconuts filled with sweet coconut water for the whole team to enjoy.

Fiesta Themed

Whether you’re looking to plan a Fiesta Themed picnic for employees or not, you can’t go wrong with the Fiesta Themed Menu. Our amazing caterers can grill up some seriously tasty pollo al carbon and tender carne asada, as well as the classic burgers and hotdogs. On the side, we’ll serve up refried beans, Spanish rice, and even bring in a tower of freshly cut watermelon. Our caterers will provide a Mexican condiment station with flour and corn tortillas, salsas, and tortilla chips, as well as an Elotes station for your team to enjoy. This is an amazing menu for just about any employee appreciation day, and your staff is sure to enjoy every bite.

Cuban Themed

Our Havana company barbeque theme package brings with it a delicious Cuban menu, but you don’t even need to plan a Havana themed picnic to have this amazing menu. We’ll bring in ropa vieja, pollo asada, Cuban rice, Cuban salad, caramelized fried plantains, and churros for your team to enjoy. For a Luxury option, we can also bring in fresh branded coconuts, as well. This menu is always a hit, and sure to please your entire team.

Delicious Grilled Chicken with Pineapple at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Themed Employee Cookout in Newport Beach, California

Winter Picnic Food Ideas

  • Turkey Legs
  • Cornbread Stuffing
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Chili
  • Apple Cider
  • Eggnog

Regional American Themes

California Dreamin’

Looking for a delicious menu that covers many options listed above? Our California Dreamin’ Menu may be the perfect fit. Our caterers grill up prime cut tri tip, BBQ pork and beef ribs, teriyaki chicken with BBQ sauce. We’ll bring in some amazing sides like corn cobettes, potato chips, premium potato salad, and fresh fruit. We’ll also provide burgers and hotdogs, and every topping you can dream of, including chili. This menu is sure to be a hit with your staff and brings to the table just about anything you could want out of a corporate cookout.

Texas Ho-Down

This themed menu is perfect for a Western company outing, or really any other. Texas Ho-Down is a delicious menu befitting any staff picnic, after all. We’ll provide tender BBQ beef ribs with a classic sauce, Texas-style barbeque chicken with a sweet and bold sauce. For sides, our caterers will fix up honey baked beans, fresh corn cobettes, traditional coleslaw, and Southern-style cornbread for your team. For dessert, we’d recommend pairing up some cookies and cinnamon and sugar roasted pecans.

Carnival Food Themed Menu

Our Carnival Theme for employee picnics is always a big hit, and an integral part of it is the fun and delicious foods we bring in. From fair-style corn, to kettle corn and popcorn, to funnel cakes or cotton candy and novelty ice cream or candy apples, this is an amazing theme to build your menu around. Hotdogs, corndogs, and burgers, of course, deserve a place in this menu, as no company picnic would be complete without them. This menu theme works well not only for a Carnival or Circus theme, but an Oversized, Wonderland, or any other fantastical picnic theme package. You really can’t go wrong with fun, fair-style foods at any staff and family day.

Popcorn Booth with Colorful Decor at ASGN's Carnival Themed Department Cookout near LA

50s Themed Menu Ideas

Our Rockabilly company barbeque theme incorporates the visuals and fun of the 1950s, and that includes the food! Whether you’re looking for delicious cheeseburgers served in your own personal diner, ice cream sundaes while watching some costumed performances, or having a milkshake, there’s no shortage of delicious foods to eat at such a picnic. We’ll grill up amazing hotdogs and prepare delicious cheeseburgers, and, as always, bring in vegetarian options so everyone can have a taste. This menu option is certainly a blast from the past and is sure to be a hit at any staff picnic.

Planning the Best Company Picnic

No matter what you’re looking for, our amazing picnic planners will always work alongside you to plan the perfect picnic for your team. Whether it’s helping you come up with other company BBQ food ideas, building the perfect theme, or choosing the ideal location, we’re always more than happy to help. If you’re looking for something personalized, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you plan the company cookout of your dreams!