Company Picnic Ideas that Include Everyone

Company picnics are a wonderful way of team bonding and celebrating valued employees. Why, then, should anyone be left out of the occasion? Here at A Company Picnic (ACP for short), we celebrate diversity and strive towards accessibility for all. We know how important diversity in the workplace is, being a women-lead company ourselves. And we also know how crucial it is to make sure the events we plan can be enjoyed by everyone. Here’s some ideas to help you make sure your company picnic celebrates all of your employees.

Celebrate Diversity:

What better way to celebrate your company and employees than a picnic theme that makes them feel seen? Here at ACP, we have a variety of themes to offer that can help you be sure your employees have the most special staff picnic celebrating them and their background. If you’re looking to celebrate diversity on a wider scale, we would recommend a International picnic theme. Here, we will bring in entertainment from cultures across the world, always authentic and from members of each culture who are experts in their field. We cater traditional food from across the world, and decorations to match it all. This is a great option for any company, but especially big ones with massively diverse employees.

Mexican Dancers as Live Entertainment for Fiesta Themed Family Day (422x422)

Company Picnic Ideas for Celebrating Diversity:

  • A Diversity Highlighting Theme
    • International – Perfect for Large, Mixed Groups
    • Luau – Explore Pacific Islander Cultures
    • Fiesta, Dio de Los Muertos – Celebrate Latino Heritage
    • African Art & Dance – Feel the Heartbeat and See the Beauty in Diversity
  • Educate and Explore Heritages with Authentic Exposure

Show Homage to Your Roots with a Cultural Theme:

Whether your company is owned and operated by someone looking to observe their heritage, or your employees tend towards a specific background, it’s wonderful to celebrate your roots with a company picnic. At ACP, we are sure to provide an authentic, top-notch experience for any occasion.

If you’re looking to host a Luau themed party, we always partner with native Pacific Islander performers who are experts in their fields, and each Luau themed party is coordinated and overseen by a Pacific Islander native, who assures everything is both respectful and authentic.

We offer both a Fiesta theme, to celebrate our Hispanic clients, and a Dio de Los Muertos corporate picnic, to honor the specific holiday. In these, too, we partner with Latinx artists, musicians, and actors to provide traditional entertainment. At any heritage-themed picnic, we cater mouthwatering authentic foods for your enjoyment. If you have any other background you’d like to celebrate, our event coordinators are always open and ready to bring in anything you’d need.

Open the Fun to All Ages:

Here at ACP, we can’t bear to leave anyone out of a staff BBQ. Employees with kids may need to bring their children along, after all, and we always assure that in this instance, the kids will have a good time, too.

Whether it’s family-centric picnics or family days with child-friendly activities, we always consider every option. From snacks even the pickiest eater will enjoy, to activities like face painting or arts-and-crafts, to bounce houses or team games amongst the children, we’ve got you covered.

We are always sure to cater the right entertainment for all ages according to theme, be it pony rides at a Western staff BBQ or exotic snake petting at a Safari themed picnic. We have rides, slides, and bouncers employees and their families are sure to enjoy, each catered to just the theme you’ve chosen. And, of course, if you need any additional provisions, we can always provide.

Children Enjoying the Ice Cream Catering at a Family Day (422x422)

Company Picnic Ideas for Kids

  • Include Fair Favorites like Face Painting, Balloon Artists & Bounce Houses
  • Include Kids-Friendly Items on the Menu
  • Family-Friendly Music (Live Band or DJ)
  • MC Lead Family Games per Age Group or by Family Unit

Make Your Picnic Accessible

We’d never want to leave any guest behind in the fun. That’s why, at ACP, we’re always sure to provide accessible options for anyone who needs them.

We take everything into consideration, be it ramps and low-topped game booths for wheelchair users, or noise-cancelling headphones for guests with sensory sensitivities.

We provide bilingual DJs and MCs so each of your employees can get in on the fun. We can bring in any interpreters you may need, even ASL if you’d like.

Big or small, accessibility makes a difference, and can definitely impact attendance. It’s an important thing to keep in mind, and we’re always sure to provide any aids we need to ensure any corporate picnic we coordinate is enjoyed by all.

Company Picnic Ideas for Accessibility

  • Easy Accessible Parking Lots, Restrooms & Booths
  • Noise Cancelling Headsets for Sensory Sensitive Individuals
  • Bilingual Attendants & MC (Including ASL Interpreters for Speeches/Awards)
  • Customizable Options for Inclusive Activities & Locations

Support Minority-Owned Businesses

Here at ACP, we understand how crucial intracommunity support is. As mentioned above, we ourselves are operated by women. Our clients, too, know how important it is to uplift and provide opportunities to both minority-run and small businesses.

For each cultural-themed picnic, as mentioned previously, we partner with performers and entertainers of color from the cultures being represented, to ensure opportunity as well as accuracy and respect. We try to make an impact where we can and support businesses run by people of color, like our catering vendor, a Black-owned food service who provides some seriously good food. When you partner with us, you can be assured that we will support businesses and entertainers such as these.

A Picnic for All, Even the Fur Babies

Any pet owner knows that it may be hard to get away. That’s why many of us prefer pet-friendly trips or events as opposed to missing out or leaving our pets alone.

If you are a dog loving business and your picnic is at a pet-friendly location (most parks are!), encourage guests to bring their dogs along to join in on the fun! Our staff will even bring dog treats on hand to pass out to any we see.

We love to see a full attendance of everyone having fun and pets add to that sense of love and community. They are great ice breakers and for some, help ease the anxieties of large social gatherings. For others, their pets may be on the job – such as service dogs – and allow the guest to better enjoy the event. If you love animals, but want more control, consider the alternative of a petting zone or animal ambassadors visit from the local zoo.

Customizable Company Picnic Ideas with a DEI Focus

Every company picnic is an opportunity to engage with the individuals in your company and connect your business as a community with a fun team bonding experience. Here at ACP we understand how important it is to ensure that everyone is included and has a great, memorable time. If you’re looking for more personalized ideas for your staff picnic, simply fill out the form below and our expert event coordinators will get you started on the company picnic of your dreams.