Luxury Picnic Ideas for Your Employee Picnic

Do you want to make your team feel like royalty for a day? Looking to plan a luxury company picnic? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at A Company Picnic, we love planning luxurious, decadent employee picnics. If you’re wondering how to elevate your corporate picnic to the next level, we’ve got some tips and ideas for you.

How to Make a Company Cookout Luxurious

There are so many ways to turn any company outing into a truly luxe experience. Whether it’s high-end décor and seating, or some really fancy menu options, there’s no shortage of paths to take. Luxury picnics for employees mean giving an upgrade on experiences and menus. Any picnic can be luxurious, from a Luau theme on a beach to a Western theme in a real ghost town. It’s all what you make it!

Opening the Fresh Coconuts at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Company Cookout

Luxury Picnic Ideas for All Ages

  •  Carnival Rides
  • Surfing Lessons
  • VR Experience
  • Nitrogen Ice Cream Station
  • Horse Riding Lessons

Crafting a Luxury Picnic Menu:

While we offer a Premier Menu option, we’re always open to customizing menus, even themed ones, for any department cookout. Food really brings us all together at any event, but especially so at a corporate outing. It can also be a good avenue to take any picnic to new heights. Don’t think only on the topic of full meals. We offer luxury novelty foods like nitrogen ice cream for a luxe picnic snack, as well! Want to give your guests a one-of-a-kind picnic menu? Here’s some ideas on what to include.

  1. Champagne
  2. Whole Roasted Pig
  3. Fresh Exotic Fruit Salad
  4. Baked Stuffed Lobster
  5. Lamb Roast
  6. Crème Brûlée
  7. Tiramisu
  8. Prime Cut Steak
  9. Roasted Duck
  10. Roasted Balsamic Asparagus

Planning Upscale Entertainment

What’s a staff outing without fun, games, and entertainment all around? For high-end live entertainment, we can bring in performers from around the world, but what about picnic games? Upscale games can take on many forms, and we’re more than happy to cater it to your personal wishes. Here’s some of our favorite posh picnic entertainment:

  1. Paddleboarding
  2. Archery Competition
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Cirque Performers
  5. Zip Line
  6. Golfing
  7. Croquet
  8. Ferris Wheel
  9. Hot Air Balloon Rides
  10. Snorkeling
Delicious BBQ Ribs for Edwards Lifesciences' Company Cookout

Luxury Picnic Ideas for Adults

  •  Wine Tasting
  • High Quality Giveaways
  • Kayaking
  • Escape Room

Styling Your Luxury Picnic

Décor is always sure to set the scene perfectly for any event. When you want something to feel luxurious, it’s a great place to start. Whether it’s the most plush lounge you could imagine or some truly ornate decorations around your venue, if you dream it, we can do it! Here’s a few ideas that are sure to make any employee appreciation day feel luxurious:

  1. Upscale Plush Lounge Seating
  2. Ice Sculptures
  3. Ornate Centerpieces
  4. Delicate Floral Arrangements
  5. String Lighting
  6. Fabric Streamers
  7. Gold Accents
  8. Roses
  9. Jewel Tones
  10. White Picnic Tables and Umbrellas
Archery Competition at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Themed Staff Picnic

Luxury Picnic Handouts

  • Branded Bags
  • Branded Tumblers
  • Sunglasses
  • Branded Jackets

Designing Your Luxury Family Day

We here at A Company Picnic love themes. It’s always special and enjoyable to build a staff and family day around a certain theme. There’s no shortage of theme ideas to choose from, and all of them can be taken to the next level and turned into something decadent. Here’s a few theme ideas and ways you can elevate them to true luxury:


With a Carnival or Circus theme, there’s plenty of amazing ways to ritz it up. If you’re looking for a circus-style cookout, we can always bring in your very own big top and fill it up with amazing stilt-walkers, acrobats or cirque performers, magicians, and puppeteers. We could even bring in camels for your guests to ride! For a more fair-style event, we’d be happy to bring in a Ferris wheel and carnival rides all your own. Luxe food that pairs well with this event is decadent sweets and finger foods like macarons, canapes, and calamari; something your guests can munch on while they enjoy the entertainment.


Though Western themes usually invoke rustic, earthy imagery, there’s plenty of ways you can upscale a Western picnic. Gold flaked food or golden décor would be fitting for a Gold Rush-era Western cookout. We can turn a location turned into a real Western town with costumed actors, authentic entertainment, and plenty of horses to ride, so your guests are fully immersed in history. Some ritzy food for this theme would be succulent prime steak, prime ribs, and mouthwatering Texas BBQ. Entertainment that would elevate this theme is, definitely, panning for your own gold.


We love planning luxurious Luau company picnics. There’s so many ways you can make one more and more decadent. From bringing in authentic dancers from Hawaii, to handing out kukui nut leis, we can definitely find ways to pamper your team. For luxe food options, we’d recommend bringing in some branded fresh coconuts. These coconuts are stamped with your company’s logo and full of delicious, sweet coconut water, keeping your guests hydrated between rounds of games and Hula dance lessons.


Winter themed employee appreciation days are truly magical. While we do host events in winter, it doesn’t have to even be winter! Even in the dog days of summer, we can bring in snow machines to turn your chosen location into a winter wonderland. If you’re looking for a lavish snow day, there’s no shortage of ways to take one to the next level. Some really elegant winter menu options are whole roasted game hen or duck, roasted whole pig, and hot cocoa made with fresh chocolate. Some swanky entertainment would be ice skating (we’ll provide the rink!), horse drawn carriage rides through a snowy park (we’ll also prove the snow!), and intricate ice sculptures.


Safari themed staff picnics are always so much fun. We love bringing in animal handlers to showcase their critters and give presentations about them. It’s always loads of fun watching guests meet furry, feathered, and scaled friends. To elevate your Safari company picnic, we’d recommend bringing in authentic African performers and some authentic African dishes. South African-style prime steak, grilled chicken piri piri, and fried plantains.

Woman Holding a Snake Next to Costumed Stilt Walker at Edwards' Safari Themed Staff Picnic

A Luxury employee appreciation day is an amazing way to make your team feel treasured. By focusing on rich foods, lavish décor, and posh, unique experiences, you can easily make any staff barbeque luxe. Here at A Company Picnic, we’re ready to make your dreams a reality. From ritzy decorations to sought-after venues, there’s no aspect too big or small for us to make happen.

Customizable Company Picnic Plans, Luxury or Laidback

Our expert event planners are ready to help you begin planning your own luxurious staff outing. We’ll help you decide on a location and theme and make every arrangement for you. We’ll handle setup and tear-down, and everything that comes in between. Remember; you’re part of the team, too. Let us take care of all the fine details, so you can enjoy your own luxury company picnic.