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Company Picnic Theme

How do I choose a theme for my next company picnic? A lot of factors go into choosing the most exciting theme for your company picnic. Your location, number of guests, and the age of your guests will all have to be taken into consideration. That’s why our event planners are here to help you every step of the way. Do I have to select the theme myself? Many of our customers enjoy the thrill of selecting the perfect theme, but our professional party planners are here to help in your decision. Are any themes off limits? No! We want your company picnic to be everything you want it to be and will make every theme option available to you.

But it doesn’t end there. You may indeed choose one of our popular themes listed below. But you may also want to think outside the box and do something completely different. You name the occasion and we will custom build a theme that speaks directly to you and your company. We can print your company’s logo on the napkins, display it on the walls of a giant tent and even decorate the food with special personalized messages to specific company members and teams. When it comes to creative themes and unique event design at your location, you will be amazed at just what is possible. Walt Disney said “if the mind can conceive it, the hand can draw it.” The theme for your next company picnic is no different. Tell us what you want then just sit back and watch it come to life on the special day.

Entrance Western image 1Western

We’re going to take you back to the 1800’s and provide your guests with costumed actors from the Wild West, pony rides, haystacks, a meat carving station, horseshoe tossing, and real cowboys. With authentic props from the period, interactive games, mouthwatering BBQ and thick steaks on the grill, you will be transported back in time to the Wild West. There’s only one sheriff in this town, and that’s you today. You call the shots and run this town any way you want.

Picnic photo 1Beach Party

Who doesn’t love the beach? This is a great location to host any company picnic! Offering plenty of room for group activities, our Beach Party theme can be casual with shorts, sports, and a range of interactive competitions. Let’s get your whole team moving with volleyball, moon bounces, employee challenges, and competitive team-building games. The added bonus here is of course the great weather in Southern California, so let’s take advantage of it this summer, and all year around!

Hula Hoop image 1Americana

Nothing says you’re proud to be American like this theme. If you’re feeling patriotic we can decorate your picnic area with the vibrant, colorful Americana theme, including a giant archway of balloons, American flags, and themed food. Always a popular choice for the 4th of July, this theme is also hugely inspiring all year-round. With thick hamburgers on the grill, sizzling all beef hot dogs and apple pie for dessert, this is one theme that makes us all proud.

Hawaiian DancersLuau

Our event designers are ready to transform your location in a Hawaiian Paradise. Couldn’t make it to the islands this year? That’s okay, because we’re bringing them to you. The Luau theme is simply a blast, with authentic Hawaiian food, island dancers and superb decorations. You and your guests will be transported to a tropical paradise, no matter where you are in Los Angeles or Orange County.

Helm Ride image 2Carnival/Circus

Step right up, and step right into this magical theme. The whimsy and fun of a day at the circus can be yours any time of the year. Give your guests the feeling of wonder that comes from a childhood trip to the circus with our Carnival/Circus theme. It’s sure to be fun for kids and adults alike. With exciting rides, performing clowns and high wire acts, this theme is specifically designed to WOW your guests.

Buterfly Airbrush Art image 1Fantasies and Fairies

Introduced just last year, this theme has been in high demand. This is a bold, novel idea which has proved to have mass appeal. We will turn your venue into an enchanted forest… complete with trees, fireflies and costumed fairies. This is a truly excellent theme for a child’s birthday party, a couple’s anniversary or anything in between. Because it so unique, it can work for any occasion.

50’s Diner

With Elvis and the Beetles on the jukebox, we’re taking you back in time. This theme includes soda fountains, authentic diners , music and dancing from the period, custom made milk shakes and more. If you’re feeling nostalgic or you just miss Happy Days… this one is for you. Red and white checked tablecloths, girls on roller skates serving hamburgers and French fries to your car and of course the drive in movie experience… it’s time to revisit the glorious decade that was the 1950s in America.

Under the Sea

This is one of our newer themes and has proved to be extremely popular. With effective lighting and incredible event design this theme takes you to the depths of the ocean floor. Your venue will be turned into a magical world that simply has to be seen to be believed. Offering jumbo shrimp and oysters over ice, platters of fresh salmon, lobster thermidor, a delicious crab salad and steamed clams, you and your guests will dine under the sea and revel in the mysteries of the ocean.


Around the world in 80 days! It’s is small world after all. And we’re bringing it to you. Explore the food from countries around the world with the colorful International Theme. We offer a variety of delicious dishes and bring the experience to life by playing traditional world music and showcase the cultures of nations from all over the globe. Authentic ethnic cuisine cooked fresh on site brings you and your guests delicious samples from exotic locations. Event design can include flags from around the world and costumed waiters representing different countries to bring this theme a special authentic flair.

Wine and Cheese

Offering wines from all over the world and only the best imported cheeses, this theme can be subtle, understated and sophisticated. With tasteful event design and elegance, we bring you and your guests a space to talk without loud music, a space to relax and a space to connect with one another. Anniversaries, Birthday Parties or simple get togethers are especially drawn to this theme. With professional and courteous servers passing hors d’oeuvres around the room and keeping everyone’s glass topped up, a string quartet playing quietly in the corner, you will experience a feeling of refinement and elegance.