Team Building Activities for Fire Service Workers

Fire service teams rely on teamwork and unity on a daily basis, and designing team building activities with their profession in mind is incredibly important. These workers are vital to communities nationwide. If you’re looking for team building activities for fire service workers, we’ve got plenty in mind. Whether it’s a nod to their job or activities designed around teamwork, we’ve got plenty to choose from. Here are our favorite activities for your team.

Fire Service Workers Team Building Activities: Ideas & Inspiration


What You’ll Need:

  • Quart-Sized Jar
  • Pipettes
  • Water Tinted Blue

In 30-second intervals, players will take turns using the pipette to drop as much water as possible into the jar within the allotted time. This game nods to firehoses and fire trucks and is great for kicking off team building competitions.

“Fire Extinguisher” Race

What You’ll Need:

  • Cans of Reddi-Whip 
  • Container with Cardboard Flames
  • Timer

Teams race against the clock in this lighthearted game to “put out the fire”. The fire is, in fact, a cardboard cutout inside a container, and the fire extinguishing fluid is Reddi-Whip. The first team to bury the flame cutout completely in Reddi-Whip wins the race!

Pass it On

What You’ll Need:

Inspired by the teamwork required for “Bucket Brigades,” this game should also get a few good laughs. Divide players into teams of three. Players are lined up 6 – 8 feet apart. The first player tosses a water balloon to the player beside him. Player 2 successfully catches a balloon and tosses it to player 3 who must catch the balloon, pop it, and empty the water into the container. The team with the most water when the time’s up wins!

Industry-Specific Team Building Activities: Fire Services Industry

Pin the Spot on the Dalmatian

What You’ll Need:

  • Poster of a “spotless” Dalmatian Taped to a Wall
  • Blindfold 
  • Black Dot Stickers

Dalmatians have long been associated with firefighters. Even stations that are unable to have them onsite anymore honor them by creating a costumed mascot in their stead. This game is essentially the same as the old standby but with a twist. The player is blindfolded and placed before the poster. They must try to get the sticker on the Dalmatian, rather than other parts of the poster or the wall. Before the next player has their turn, remove the sticker and write the player’s initials where the sticker had been placed. This will help to determine who got closest!


What You’ll Need:

  • Multiple Dodgeballs

Fire service staff need to be quick in both mind and body! Test your team’s agility by playing a round of dodgeball! This game is fun and guaranteed to keep the crowd laughing and living in the moment! The last team standing wins your choice of trophy or prize. As with any active activity, utilize rules to keep the players safe.

Pinewood Derby Fire Truck Assembly

What You’ll Need:

  • Pinewood Derby Fire Truck Assembly 
  • Timer

This activity puts the building in team building! Teams must work together to assemble a pinewood derby fire truck before the timer runs out. Each team member has a role, be it reading the instructions or painting the truck. The end result can be displayed in your fire station or given to charity. See more of our assembly-related team building games in this article.

Team Building Activities for Fire Service Workers: Dodgeball

Time Capsule

What You’ll Need:

  • Time Capsule
  • Film Camera
  • Notepads
  • Pens

Commemorate your day of team building fun with a time capsule! Have your team write notes about their profession and take a photo together with a film camera to include. Encourage your team to bring trinkets to include, as well. Your team can pass on encouraging words to future fire service teams and have a physical memory of your day out, all in one go.

Inspire Future Fire Service Staff

  • Large Rideable Fire Truck

Bring your team together to unite future firefighters by assembling a rideable fire truck to donate to your local school. One big part of family days and company picnics is inspiring the next generation, and this activity means your team will not only inspire their loved ones attending but the recipients of the firetruck as well.

Personalized Team Building Activities for Fire Service Workers

Want to make your team building activities truly stand out? Personalize them to your team! Our picnic managers are experts at tailoring games, activities, and picnics as a whole to the team attending. Fill out the form below for customized team building activities for your fire service team.