Customer Service Team Building Activities

Customer service is a fast-paced job known for keeping its professionals on their toes. This industry is an essential and valuable part of our world. For the customer service industry, team building activities should be both teamwork-oriented and relaxing. If you’re looking for the perfect team building activities for your customer service team, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll focus on not only team building activities designed to foster teamwork, but team building experiences that promote relaxation to give your hardworking team some time to kick back.

Customer service team building activities: Laidback games & Action-packed fun

Active Team Building Activities

Active engagement, as we delve into in this article about engagement styles, involves an activity that is physical. These activities are high-energy and customer service professionals, who are always on the ball, are sure to excel in these. Pairing these activities with passive ones, in which guests with physical limitations can fully engage, makes your team building event well-rounded. 

Human Knot

The Human Knot is a classic team building activity perfect for opening your event. This game promotes teamwork and communication, things your customer service team will use every day. Participants form a human knot by holding hands with two people across from them and must collaborate to untangle without letting go. 

This activity is a fun way to strengthen interpersonal relationships and instill valuable teamwork skills your team can utilize during the workweek. 

Sports Tournament

Sports tournaments provide an exciting avenue for fostering collaboration and camaraderie among participants. Whether engaging in activities like soccer, volleyball, or relay races, these tournaments emphasize teamwork, communication, and mutual support. Participants work together to achieve common goals, strategize, and celebrate successes as a cohesive unit.

Physical activities like sports are not only beneficial for team building, but for relaxing your team and giving them a boost. Incorporating games like these into your team building event is sure to make it even more exceptional.

Team Building & The Customer Service Industry: Game Ideas

Relay Races

Relay races inject energy and collaboration into group dynamics. Participants, divided into teams, engage in a series of relay challenges that demand coordination, communication, and swift decision-making. Relay races not only promote physical activity but also create a dynamic environment for team bonding. 

Through shared goals and mutual support, participants develop a sense of unity and camaraderie, translating these valuable skills into effective collaboration in professional settings. Relay races are a lively and effective way to reinforce the principles of teamwork and cooperation.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts offer an engaging and collaborative team building experience. Participants, organized into teams, embark on a quest to find and collect a series of hidden items or solve clues within a specified timeframe. 

This activity promotes teamwork as members strategize, communicate, and leverage each other’s strengths to decipher clues and uncover hidden treasures. Scavenger hunts not only encourage creativity but also foster a sense of shared accomplishment as participants work collectively towards a common goal.

Customer service team building game ideas

Build a Bridge, Cross the River

“Build a Bridge, Cross the River” is a dynamic team-building activity that infuses a physical element into the classic challenge. Teams are divided and equipped with limited materials such as cardboard, rope, and duct tape. The goal is to construct a sturdy bridge for the entire team to cross a designated “river,” whether it be a hallway or parking lot. 

This hands-on task encourages creative problem-solving and collaboration as teams strategize, design, and test their bridges. The activity not only promotes effective communication and teamwork but also requires participants to adapt to unexpected obstacles. With everyone actively engaged in the construction process, this challenge creates a lively and collaborative environment, reinforcing the importance of working together towards a shared objective.

Laidback Team Building Activities

Laidback experiences give your busy customer service team some time to kick back and relax. Whether your team building event is centered around easygoing activities such as the following, or you incorporate active experiences, these activities are sure to be a hit.

Laidback Customer Service Team Building Experiences

Show and Tell

Each person has a story to tell—why not ask? Ask employees to lead a show-and-tell session about something important to them. This activity not only promotes self-expression but also fosters a sense of connection and understanding among team members. 

As individuals showcase their chosen subjects, others have the opportunity to learn more about their colleagues on a personal level, building rapport and strengthening interpersonal bonds. Show and tell is a simple yet effective way to cultivate a supportive and collaborative team environment by celebrating individual uniqueness within the collective group. This activity promotes creativity and bonding.

Art Lesson

Art is renowned for its ability to revitalize and relax people. By giving your team an art lesson, you’re teaching them useful skills that they can use to improve their wellness even after the event has ended.

Take a poll to allow employees to choose which medium (like watercolors, calligraphy, or charcoal sketching) they’d like to learn more about. Provide necessary supplies and an instructor to guide your team. Consider hosting art workshops regularly and even displaying some of your team’s creations in your workplace!

Team Building Activities for the Customer Service Industry

Zen Garden

Zen gardens are as relaxing to look at as they are to use. Bringing your team together to make something creative that they can use in their daily life to unwind is a gift that will keep giving. Consider making miniature zen gardens your team can keep at their desks to show off and bond further over.

This activity gets your team’s creative juices flowing and serves as a nice reminder to slow down and unwind.

Mixology Challenge

Challenging your team to show off their barista skills not only improves creative thinking skills but is a fun competition that isn’t too physically demanding. Whether your team is challenged to mix a well-known drink without a recipe or to come up with their very own using limited ingredients, this activity is both fun and engaging.

Want to know all about serving alcohol responsibly at work events? Check out our article about alcohol and corporate picnics!

Silent Auction

Silent auctions provide a unique and sophisticated approach to team building. Participants engage in a collective effort to bid on items or experiences without verbal communication. This activity requires teams to strategize and allocate resources effectively to secure desired items. 

Silent auctions not only encourage friendly competition but also foster a sense of unity as teams work together to achieve their bidding goals. This event creates an atmosphere of shared excitement and mutual support, emphasizing the value of teamwork in achieving common objectives.

Personalized Customer Service Team Building Activities

Of course, team building activities tailored to your team in specific are the most enjoyable and effective. If you’re looking for an agency with experience crafting personalized customer service team building activities, we’re here for you! Check out some of our team building activities and services to see what we can do, or fill out the form below to speak directly to our event managers.