Rides & Slides

Picnic Entertainment

Adding rides and slides not only increases engagement at your company picnic, it also increases attendance! Below is a small sample of our client’s favorite rides and slides. All of our attractions come with trained safety staff in attendance at all times.

Looking to have a giant Ferris Wheel at your next corporate picnic? Looking for a wild roller coaster to WOW your guests? You came to the right place. In our experience company picnics benefit greatly by having exciting on site rides for everyone to enjoy. We can set up a carnival or circus at your location and make it entirely yours for the day, and all night. Ever wanted to go to Disneyland and have it all to yourself? Our event planners bring the rides to you. Our professional staff maintains each ride, supervises every detail and is a hundred percent safety oriented.

Rides can include drop towers, bumper cars, charlifts, the caterpillar, the alpine slope and of course carousels. Dark rides like the Tunnel of Love or a Haunted House are popular any time of year. This year we would like to bring the fair to you. Once we decide on your theme and location our team will get to work getting the grounds ready, setting up the lights and transforming your venue. We want you’re your guests to arrive at the company picnic and say: “how did you do all this?!” We have kiddie rides, grown up rides and something for anyone in between. So Step Right Up!

This picnic entertainment partners well with the Carnival/Circus and Americana themes and Deluxe or Premier picnic menus.