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Company Picnic Experts

We’re ready to make your next company picnic the memorable event it deserves to be. We service all locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. From Santa Monica to Hollywood, Irvine to Long Beach, Anaheim to Alhambra and anywhere in between, our experts bring over 30 years of experience to each event.

We have a specialized team that is ready to create an experience that will excite your guests, thrill your coworkers, impress your boss and exceed your expectations.

As a result of decades of experience,  we know the region, vendors, and, most importantly, what your guests want. Are you looking for the best picnic spot near you? We are familiar with hundreds of incredible locations for you to host your next company picnic. In the last 30 years, we have long-standing relationships with the most exceptional vendors in the area and can provide the best catering and entertainment options. Call 1.800.366.0603 or fill out a contact form to talk to one of our company picnic specialists for a proposal.

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What is a good location for my company outing? We know how important venue scouting and negotiation is. Finding the right venue is crucial to the success of your next event. How many people are you expecting? How would you like it decorated? Will there be interactive games on the lawn? These are all important questions. We can offer you beautiful beaches, private homes with large outdoor lawns, sprawling outdoor parks and so much more. With stunning event design, live music and the finest catering in Southern California, we can turn any outdoor location into a party.

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Once we decide on your location we need to start thinking about a theme. How about an Team Building Theme with competitive Olympic games on the lawn with your coworkers? Followed by dramatic Olympic music and an award ceremony, this particular theme has proved to be very popular. Maybe you’d like a Wild West Theme with authentic props from the period and costumed cowboys on hand? Our event designers can totally transform any outdoor area and turn it into your chosen theme for the day.

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Your outing isn’t complete until you’ve seen the food choices available to you. Your food will always be freshly prepared and cooked on site. From BBQ ribs that fall off the bone to succulent tri-tip. From tender brisket to deluxe hamburgers cooked slowly over the grill. Quarter pound hot dogs to polish sausage, this is one cookout you won’t soon forget. The standard cookout and deluxe cookout are always popular. But it doesn’t end there. You may choose fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches and wraps, seafood, vegetarian options and so much more. With a stellar bar and beverage service to compliment your food, you and your guests will always have plenty of options.

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Planning your company picnic entertainment starts here. Once our event planners have your theme, location and catering prepared to perfection we now begin to explore your entertainment options. We offer you the most exceptional live entertainment in Los Angeles with professional bands and musicians performing for you and your guests. We bring you on-site game shows, celebrity speakers, comedians, look-a-likes, hypnotists, circus acts, variety acts and the best DJs in Southern California. There is no shortage of excellent choices when it comes to your live performances. We also take care of the lighting, set up your stages and provide you with state of the art sound systems to thoroughly enjoy the music. We’re not turning it down. We’re turning it up. How about having a casino on-site featuring Blackjack and other card games? No problem. Whatever you can think of, we can provide. All that and of course our Showtime Extravaganza Package is a unique experience all on its own. When it comes to your entertainment, we’re thinking outside the box this year. With creative ideas and excellent performers, we take your fun seriously.