Company Picnics: Fort Worth, Texas & Dallas, Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth Company Picnic Spots

If you’re looking for a great place to host your company picnic, Fort Worth, Texas, and the greater Dallas area are perfect. There’s no shortage of locations in the DFW area to choose from. Location is a key factor in planning your staff picnic. With the wide array of scenic and memorable options in the DFW area, you have plenty to choose from! Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable experience or one of the hundreds of scenic parks in the locale, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best company picnic spots in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Arcadia Trail Park, Fort Worth

For large outdoor company picnics with a focus on team building activities, Arcadia Trail Park in Fort Worth is a perfect option. This park comes packed with loads of amenities, particularly in the way of sports fields. Soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball: if there’s any sport you’re looking to play, this park has a field! Arcadia Trail Park also spans 69.1 acres, with plenty of open, flat grasses perfect for setting up inflatables and buffet lines. It has dedicated parking and electricity onsite as well. For larger groups, iif you need extra parking, we can shuttle your team directly to the site! All in all, Arcadia Trail Park is a certifiable gem in Fort Worth company picnic spots.

Company Picnics Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Dallas

For a breathtaking picnic location in Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a perfect choice. This beautiful location is packed with stunning botanical gardens and flowers in every hue. This location would make an amazing spot for any staff picnic or company excursion (see some of our favorite excursion ideas here!). It contains several historical homes, all available for private events, like an indoor/outdoor company picnic. With 66 acres of gorgeous gardens and numerous historical buildings, this location is prime for a company picnic in Dallas.

Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth

We love planning company picnics and family appreciation days at zoos, and Fort Worth Zoo is an exceptional place to hold your own! The Fort Worth Zoo offers a variety of experiences especially tailored for corporate events, as well. Whether you’re looking to tour the zoo, take part in a scavenger hunt with your team, or see a live animal presentation, there’s plenty of fun to be had here! The zoo is available for any size team, whether it’s a few hundred up to 7,500, so you can rest assured knowing they can accommodate your staff and their families. Plus, with our Safari company picnic theme (check out how this company did their Safari picnic), your team can be truly immersed in the experience! If you’re looking for unique picnic spots in Fort Worth, the zoo is the perfect pick for a truly wild company picnic.

Company Picnic Spots in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Westhaven Park, Dallas

Westhaven Park in Dallas is another park packed to the brim with sports fields and amenities suited for a company picnic. This 17.6 park contains a baseball field, tennis court, softball field, and basketball court as well as a grill area and playground. Westhaven Park has plenty of open grassy areas suitable for picnic games and booths alike. It also has plenty of trees offering natural shade, though we can always bring in extra tents. So, too, does it have onsite parking, but like mentioned above, we can shuttle in guests if you need more. The picnic area can be supplemented with additional tables so even the largest picnic group can be comfortably accommodated. All in all, Westhaven Park is a choice picnic spot in Dallas for your staff outing.

Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas

The Dallas World Aquarium is an experience your team won’t soon forget! With animal exhibits spanning a wide array of species around the world, this spot is amazing for a company outing. Your team will be mesmerized by beautiful, tropical fish as well as rainforest animals and even manatees. The Dallas World Aquarium would make an excellent backdrop for a variety of picnic themes, be it Safari theme, Jungle company picnic theme, or an aquatic theme. This picnic spot is also ideal for a family appreciation day, in which your staff and their families can learn about animals from all over the globe. For an extraordinary picnic spot in Dallas, we have to recommend the Dallas World Aquarium!

Company Picnics Dallas & Fort Worth

Alexandra Meadows Park, Fort Worth

Alexandra Meadows Park is a scenic Fort Worth picnic spot ideal for a summer picnic. With a baseball field as well as a volleyball court, this spot is perfect for a team building day. It also comes with electricity onsite, its own grill area, and a picnic area. This park’s manicured lawns are perfect for a large picnic, with plenty of space to set up decor, entertainment, and buffets. The park consists of 7.5 acres, making it a great size for your team picnic. If you’re looking for a gorgeous picnic location in Fort Worth, this park is just what you need!

Benbrook Stables, Fort Worth

If you’re looking for an experience your team won’t soon forget, Benbrook Stables in Fort Worth can provide it. This equestrian center is perfect for company excursions and staff picnics alike, with plenty to do across its acres. Whether you’re looking to ride horseback with your team or host a realistic Western themed company picnic, Benbrook Stables is an amazing experience all its own. The grounds also contain a pavilion. We can pack it with buffet stations your team can enjoy once they’ve worked up an appetite at the stables. All in all, for an unforgettable experience at a unique picnic location in Fort Worth, Benbrook Stables is perfect.

Planning Company Picnics in the DFW Area

Looking for More Dallas/Fort Worth Area Picnic Spots?

If you’re looking for more company picnic spots in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, check out our page about it here. If you’re looking for a picnic location in Dallas/Fort Worth, anywhere else in Texas, or anywhere across the nation, our picnic planners can help. We’ll help you choose the perfect location for your needs and help you secure it as well. To get started , just fill out the form below or contact our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. We’ll give you and your team the company picnic of your dreams.