Carnival Rides for Company Picnics

Want to take your company picnic to the next level and give your team their very own amusement park for the day? We’ve got you covered! At A Company Picnic, we know that your team deserves a day of fun and memories, and what better way to reward them than with a fun-filled day of laughter, camaraderie, and excitement? If you’re looking for the best carnival rides for company picnics, we have plenty to choose from. Elevate your company picnic experience this year by incorporating thrilling carnival rides into the mix!

Why Choose Carnival Rides?

Carnival rides and theme parks have a magical way of evoking nostalgic memories while adding an element of thrill and amusement to any outdoor event. Whether it’s the joyous laughter on a roller coaster, the screams of excitement on a tilt-a-whirl, the camaraderie of bumper cars, or the friendly competition at carnival game booths, these attractions create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that brings colleagues closer together. Carnival rides also offer entertainment for employees of all ages, making the event a family-friendly affair. 

Best Carnival Rides for Company Picnics: Roller Coaster

Our Top Carnival Rides

A Company Picnic has a huge variety of rides, games, and activities from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for something uniquely thrilling, or something laidback and fun for all ages, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are 10 of our favorites:

#1: The Tidal Wave

Ready to make a splash? There’s no water involved, but you do experience the cresting of a wave and riding it!

Carnival Rides for Corporate Picnics: Tidal Wave

#2: Swings

Swing rides for the little ones are always a huge hit! 

…And the not so little ones too! 

Swing Rides: Best Company Picnic Carnival Rides

#3: Zipline

Highflying adventure is waiting for those brave enough! Perfect for thrill seekers!

Zip through the air and unleash your inner Tarzan!

Amusement Park Rides for Corporate Events: Zipline

#4: Miniature Train

For a staff and family day, give the tots a treat with a miniature train ride, creating cherished memories that will leave them all smiles! 

Carnival Rides for Family Days: Miniature Train

#5: The Superman

This is another ride that can teach you how to fly! Buckle in and soar on your belly in midair like its hero namesake.

Daredevil Amusement Park Rides for Company Picnics: The Superman

#6: Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheels are a classic carnival or fair favorite. Bring in a full-sized one of your very own and wow your staff and their families alike!

Ferris Wheel for Company Picnic Carnival Ride

#7: Spinning Apples

Like those famous spinning teacups, our Spinning Apples are a laid back but fun experience.

This ride is set to whatever pace you choose, be it slow and steady, or fast and furious!

Spinning Apples Corporate Picnic Carnival Ride

#8: Psycho Swing

This swing ride is one of those classic carnival thrills.

Turning head-over-feet, this ride is perfect for the daredevils on your team and is sure to get any rider’s blood pumping!

Psycho Swing Carnival Ride

#9: Human Twirl

Like a gentler version of the above, guests are invited to strap in and be spun in circles by an attendant at the crank or another guest!

Human Twirl Amusement Park Ride

#10: Bungee Jump

A classic bungee jump game, players are strapped in and let loose, bungee jumping however their heart desires!

Bungee Jump Company Picnic Carnival Ride

Carnival Theme: All This and More!

If you’re planning a corporate picnic for employees and their families, more than likely you’re also looking for ways to accommodate all ages. One way to accomplish this is by using our Carnival theme. Ahhhhhh, can’t you practically taste those sweet golden funnel cakes?

A Company Picnic has a huge variety of amusement park rides, games, and activities from which to choose. State fairs and carnivals generally include a midway lined on both sides with games and prizes. We can give your team that exact experience; a walkway lined with loads of attractions (like our Carnival Games and our Fun Foods, which does include funnel cake).

Check out how this company did their carnival theme for their family fun day. All in all, if you’re drawn to carnival rides and games, the carnival theme is the perfect choice!

Fully Customizable Company Picnics

Whether you’re looking for carnival rides, other entertainment, or an entire Carnival-themed company picnic, our amazing event planners can help. We’ll handle everything needed to man your carnival rides for company picnic amusement, as well as set up and tear down at the end of the day. To get started, fill out the form below or call our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. Here’s to your next company picnic!