The Best NYC Picnic Spots for a Company Picnic

Known as the city that never sleeps, it’s easy to find things to do in New York City, but equally difficult deciding which to choose. If your company is searching for a unique venue to host a special event, you have plenty of options. A Company Picnic has worked with countless parks and picnic locations across New York, and we’d be more than happy to share a few of our top picks for you. We’ve gathered some of the best NYC picnic spots below that are sure to be a hit with your team!

Governor’s Island, New York City

Escape the city hustle and experience tranquility at Governors Island! Join us for a memorable company picnic amidst sprawling green spaces, stunning waterfront views, and a refreshing breeze. Let’s unwind, bond, and create lasting memories in this urban oasis. This picnic spot is a scenic waterfront setting with ample green spaces, plenty of outdoor recreation, historical and cultural sites, and spectacular festivals, making it a prime picnic spot in New York City.

New York City Company Picnic Locations

New York Aquarium, Brooklyn

Have you ever had cocktails with a shark? That’s just one of the many opportunities New York Aquarium offers. This Coney Island spot accommodates groups small and large with options for both day and evening activities. We love coordinating excursions (learn more about them here) to aquariums, where staff and families alike can enjoy learning about sea life as well as a day out together. If you’re looking to hold a corporate excursion in New York City, the New York Aquarium is perfect for you.

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

This historical park is an amazing picnic spot for large company picnics. There’s plenty to do in Fort Greene Park, from children’s playgrounds to basketball courts and nature centers for an excursion group to visit. Fort Greene Park’s manicured, level, and open grasses are ideal for setting up picnic entertainment and buffet lines. We can turn its grassy expanses into your dream company picnic with a variety of themes and entertainment options. This park is one of the best company picnic spots in NYC, bursting with potential to give your team one unforgettable day.

Picnic Planning in NYC: Locations

Lakeside, Prospect Park, Brooklyn

If you want to turn back the clock, the way to do so is with a skating party at the LeFrak Center at Prospect Park.  Roller skating and roller disco were the rage a few decades ago. At this location,  you can recapture those carefree days of youth or just experience an authentic slice of iconic Americana. This picnic spot would be ideal for our Rockabilly theme, which would give your guests a truly immersive experience they won’t soon forget!

Color Factory New York

This location is an ode to the many colors of New York. Have a ball in the Hues of Blue ball pit inspired by Manhattan skyscrapers. Enjoy season specific colors in a Confetti-Filled Park. Grab your headphones and get ready to dance the night away with a silent disco. Color Factory has plenty of immersive experiences for all ages to keep the party going strong! This is an amazing NYC company excursion destination, with a little something for everyone on your team to enjoy.

Indoor & Outdoor Company Picnic Spots in NYC

Astoria Park, Queens

This iconic park sits on 60 acres of beautiful lawns dotted with plenty of shade trees. Its landmark pool was used in two Olympics competitions in 1936 and 1964, making it a piece of history itself. The park, being wide, open, and expansive, is prime for a company picnic, and brings to the table many of its own amenities like tennis courts, Bocce ball courts, playgrounds, and skate parks. We can also utilize the open lawns for setting up game booths and plenty of buffet stations for your team to enjoy. 

Museum of Ice Cream, NYC

This museum encourages visitors to rediscover their inner child. Slide into a mound of larger than life sprinkles, learn the history of this chilly snack and of course, sample some sweets. The museum offers unlimited ice cream and boasts both indoor and outdoor activities. The Museum of Ice Cream is perfect for an all-ages excursion, though it will bring joy to the inner children of an all-adults group just the same!

Picnic Spots in NYC: Parks for a Company Picnic

The Cliffs at Harlem

The Cliffs bring the fun of rock climbing indoors! Test your skill and endurance or just enjoy a nice, leisurely climb without having to worry about the weather. This spot is perfect for hosting team building activities or a company excursion, wherein your team can bond while challenging their climbing skills.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park in Brooklyn is an amazing picnic spot in NYC for your next corporate outing. This park comes with a vast assortment of ball fields and courts as well as other amenities well-suited for a Sports-themed staff picnic (like this company did). With the additional bonus of its beautifully manicured lawns perfect for field games and inflatable entertainment alike, this park is ideal for a company picnic of any size.

Our Top Company Picnic Spots in New York City

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is one of the largest parks in New York City, at 897 acres. Its beautiful grassy expanses are optimal for setting up company picnic entertainment, but it comes with its own unique entertainment as well: an ice skating rink! It’s difficult to think of New York without thinking of ice skating. Most people know about skating at Rockefeller, but there’s also a gorgeous rink at the Corona Aquatic Center and Ice Rink. This park, with its size and activities, is a prime picnic location in New York City for any local staff picnic.

Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island

There’s plenty to do in Clove Lakes Park during a company picnic there! Whether you’d like to treat your team to paddleboarding sessions or playing a game of football, baseball, or basketball, this park comes packed with fields of all kinds and amenities galore. Clove Lakes Park has 3 beautiful lakes as well as numerous nature trails on its grounds, as well as the open space  and sports fields needed for a company picnic.

The Best NYC Picnic Spots

Looking for More of the Best NYC Picnic Spots?

Click here to see more of our favorite parks and venues in this magnificent city. As always, whether you’re looking at one of these locations, have another in mind, or want a more personalized suggestion, our picnic planners are here for you. To get started booking your location and planning your next company picnic, fill out the link below or call our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. Whether you’re planning a staff picnic in New York City or anywhere else nationwide, we can help. Here’s to finding the best NYC picnic spot for you!