Company Picnics in LA

There’s no shortage of amazing locations for company picnics. Los Angeles is a gem itself for hosting events, with a wide array of unique entertainment options, perfect locations, and amazing food. If you’re looking to host a company picnic this year, LA may be the spot you need. We’ve hosted countless amazing company picnics in Los Angeles, and we’d like to give you a run-down on what makes this city perfect for your next company outing. Let’s get into it!



LA has countless iconic spots to host your company outing. If you’re looking for a seaside picnic location, Los Angeles has loads of them. We’re quite partial to Will Rogers State Beach. It’s a scenic 103-acre stretch of gorgeous white sand, perfect for setting up picnic games. Mother’s Beach Marina and Point Dume State Beach are another two of our favorite beaches in LA for staff picnics, with loads of open space and beautiful scenery.

Guests in Front of the Main Buffet Catering Stations at AltaMed's Día de Muertos Company Picnic in LA

Indoor Venues:

If you’re looking for an indoor location for your company picnic, Los Angeles has plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an amazing museum like the Ace Museum or the Museum of Flying, or a private dining spot like Planet Dailies or Tar & Roses, there’s no shortage of locations to choose from. For a big event, we’d like to highlight the L3 Santa Monica Place. This 42,000 square feet indoor-outdoor location is situated in the Santa Monica Place open air mall. It’s an amazing event spot with plenty of space for even the largest employee picnic.


If you’re looking for parks for your company picnic, LA has no shortage of them. We’ve worked with numerous amazing facilities over the years, but we’d like to highlight some of our favorites El Segundo Recreation Park is an amazing choice for a sports-centric company picnic in LA. The park comes packed with loads of sports fields and complexes, and has plenty of large grassy areas for other entertainment. Kenneth Hahn Park is a huge park, totaling in at 401 acres, making it one of the largest parks in Los Angeles proper. This park comes with loads of picnic areas, though we’re always more than happy to bring in extra seating. Another huge park in Los Angeles that we adore working with is Elysian Park. Elysian Park comes in at a whopping 600 acres. It’s full of lush greenery, as park management has worked to return it to its natural state. Its greenery and foliage make it a beautiful green gem in the cityscape, and its open, grassy fields are prime for setting up picnics. In fact, we’ve set up some truly exceptional picnics here!

Crowd Watching the Field Games at inVia's Company Cookout near Los Angeles

Even More LA Picnic Spots:

Parks, beaches, and indoor venues aren’t all LA has to offer. We’ve hosted amazing events at the LA zoo, for example. The zoo is an amazingly fun spot for picnics in Los Angeles, with plenty of flat, open space for games as well as shaded picnic areas. We’re also partial to the Sunset Canyon Recreation Area, a place with not only picnic shelters and barbeque pits, but loads of sports complexes as well. If you’re looking for another unique event location, we hosted this picnic at a gorgeous vineyard in Malibu Valley. The scenery was breathtaking, backdropped by the Santa Monica Mountains and with rolling hills all around. If you’re looking for a unique event location, our picnic planners are always happy to find one that suits your own needs.

Guests Trying the Zipline at AltaMed's International Olympics Themed Employee Cookout in Los Angeles


If you’re looking for food ideas for your company picnic, LA has that covered, too! Being a cultural melting pot in the country, Los Angeles has more food options than you could imagine. This region is unique in its offers of multicultural cuisine, the likes of which we feel can’t be beat. Whether you’re looking to bring an authentic sushi spread to your next company picnic or some seriously good authentic Mexican street food, Los Angeles is the perfect spot to find it. We’ve done some seriously amazing events with authentic street food, and we can attest that the options here are limitless! 

LA also offers a wide variety of fusion foods as well as food trucks that can make any company picnic all the more exciting. We’ve brought in our fair share of food trucks for company picnics as well. If you’re looking to build a delicious and varied menu, Los Angeles has so many amazing vendors for you.

If you’re looking for the best catering in LA, we’ve got that, too! Check out some of our amazing menu options to see what we can do for you.

Guests Trying out The Carnival Booth Games as Picnic Entertainment at ASGN's Carnival Themed Company Picnic near Los Angeles


LA is known for its unique entertainment options you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve partnered with loads of live entertainment from the region, all of whom are amazing at what they do. We’ve worked with Tribute Productions, whose amazing rockabilly performers lit up the stage at this rockabilly-themed company picnic. So, too, did Tupua Productions’ authentic Pacific Islander music and dancers make this company’s luau picnic one to remember. If you’re looking for unique company picnic entertainment, LA is an exceptional place to find it.

For locations with their own built-in entertainment, there’s no shortage in Los Angeles, either. Whether it’s Verdugo Park and its incredible skate park, or Charles Wilson Park with its functioning steamer railroad. Some locations tie into themed entertainment as well, like having nautical-themed games and entertainment at the Queen Mary, or Western entertainment at Saddlerock Ranch. In short, there’s plenty of amazing things to do around LA, including at your company picnic!

Company Picnics in LA and Across the Nation!

If you’re looking at these or any other company picnic locations in Los Angeles, our amazing event planners can help you book whatever your heart desires. It’s important to choose a location that suits your needs for your company picnic. Los Angeles offers a wide variety of amazing locations, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Check out our pages on Los Angeles County for more ideas. Here’s to your next company picnic!