Family Day Entertainment Ideas

100 Games & Activities to Enjoy

Here at A Company Picnic, we have a massive repertoire of games and activities for a variety of event styles. Family days are an important event in any company’s schedule, being rewarding as well as a team bonding experience. If you’re looking for all-ages family day entertainment ideas, we’ve got you covered!

We offer entertainment and activities options for all ages, as well as a variety of entertainment styles. Passive engagement is important for any family day, as guests with physical limitations or those who need some time to let their food settle, can still take part in the picnic fun. 

Passive Entertainment Ideas

A few family day entertainment ideas that offer the fun of competition without too much physical exertion are:

  1. Bingo
  2. Outdoor Billiards
  3. Craps Shoot
  4. Foosball
  5. Video Games
  6. Air Hockey
  7. Blackjack
  8. Money Wheel
  9. Roulette
  10. Texas Hold ‘Em
Staff and Families Checking out the Carnival Booths at inVia's Family Fun Day near LA

Physically Engaging Activities

Physical, or active, engagement is just as important for your family day. Physical activity has countless benefits for us all, but it’s also simply loads of fun! Once guests are ready to ease into more physical alternatives, we have crowd favorites such as:

  1. Ping Pong
  2. Horse Shoes
  3. Limbo
  4. Water Balloon Toss
  5. Gigantic Cup Stacking
  6. Inflatable Sumo Wrestling
  7. Parachute Volleyball
  8. Hippity Hop Horses
  9. Magic Carpet Ride
  10. Capture the Chicken

Popular Games & Activities

The saying goes, “Everything old is new again” and we couldn’t agree more. Incredibly popular traditional games and activities that bring a sense of nostalgia include:

  1. Three Legged Race
  2. Horse Shoes
  3. Kickball
  4. Tug-Of-War
  5. Dodgeball
  6. Potato Sack Race
  7. Hula Hoop Contest
  8. Wet Sponge Relay
  9. Soccer Kick
  10. Frisbee Toss
Crowd at the Kickball Field Game at AltaMed's Olympics Themed Staff and Family Fun Day in LA

Some Really Big Ideas

Bigger might not always be better, but it sure is fun! Some oversized activities sure to be a hit are:

  1. Giant Twister
  2. Giant Checkers
  3. Giant Jenga
  4. Giant Pong
  5. Jumbo Word Scramble
  6. Giant KerPlunk
  7. Giant Connect Four
  8. Human Bowling
  9. Mega Casino
  10. Whack-A-Mole

Wet & Wild Ideas

When the heat of competition creates the need for chill time, guests can enjoy:

  1. Surf Lessons
  2. 26’ High Double Bay Water Slide
  3. Pirate Water Play Center
  4. Dunk Tank
  5. The Big Kahuna Reverse Dunk Tank
  6. Paddleboarding
  7. Bucket Head
  8. Wild Rapids Water Slide
  9. Water Tag
  10. Hydro Obstacle Course
Posing for a Photo at ASGN's Carnival Themed Family Day near LA

For the Kid in Us All

Fun for kids and adults alike, we offer an enormous variety of bouncers and other inflatable fun:

  1. Inflatable Hamster Zorb Balls
  2. Inflatable Rock Wall
  3. Circus Bouncer
  4. The Velcro Wall
  5. Dolphin Bouncer
  6. Wild Wave Water Slide
  7. Bouncy Boxing
  8. Monster Truck Bouncer
  9. Gladiator Dome
  10. Emerald Cave Bouncer

Games & Activities for Children

If you’re searching for other activities little ones will be thrilled by, we suggest:

  1. Caricature Artist
  2. Face Painting Station
  3. Craft Table
  4. Kiddie Trackless Train
  5. Balloon Artist
  6. Kiddie Swing
  7. Kiddie Ferris Wheel
  8. Miniature Golf
  9. Air Racer
  10. Life Sized Surgery Game
Group Playing a Game of Beanbag Toss as Team Building Entertainment at GBRX's Staff Barbeque in Rector, Arkansas

Good Ol’ Ideas

There’s plenty of good old fashioned fun to be found with:

  1. Hay Maze
  2. Cow Milking
  3. Petting Zoo and Aviary
  4. Photo Booth
  5. Fossil Hunting
  6. Panning for Gold
  7. Hay Rides
  8. Pony Rides
  9. Hungry Hungry Hippo
  10. Moon Shot Toss

Team Building Ideas

Whether competing against others or simply challenging yourself, we suggest:

  1. Tool Time Obstacle Course
  2. Kong Obstacle Course
  3. Double Jeopardy Obstacle Course
  4. Noah’s Ark Obstacle Course
  5. 7 Element Obstacle Course
  6. Tiki Obstacle Course
  7. Thunderforce Adrenaline Rush
  8. Wild One Roller-Coaster Course
  9. Ninja Rush Obstacle Course
  10. Giant Maze
Teams Playing Bigfoot Racing Field Game as Entertainment at AltaMed's Olympics Themed Picnic for Employees at Bonelli Park in San Dimas

Family Day Entertainment Ideas

To round out an amazing family day, we offer live entertainment as well. A few ideas include:

  1. Dance Troupes
  2. Mimes
  3. Marionettes
  4. Stiltwakers
  5. Magicians
  6. Juggler
  7. Live Bands
  8. Live DJ
  9. Dance Lessons
  10. Cirque and Acrobatics

All Your Family Day Needs in One Place!

Whether you’re looking for family day entertainment ideas or any other resource, we’re here for you. To see an example of a family day we’ve coordinated, take a look at this company’s Wonderland themed family day. As always, if you’re looking to plan your next staff and family day event, you can fill out the form below or call our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. Here’s to your next family day!