Best Beaches for Company Picnics in LA

If you’re looking for the best beaches in LA for company picnics, you’ve come to the right place. Here at A Company Picnic, we’ve spent 35 years planning countless unforgettable company picnics on Los Angeles County’s beautiful shores. Whether you’re looking for unique water-based activities, gorgeous views, or a place packed to the brim with amenities and activities, we’ve got you covered. Los Angeles is a prime spot for a beachside picnic, and we’d like to delve into our event planners’ top picks. Let’s get into it.

What Do I Need to Know About Beach Company Picnics?

If you’re planning a beach picnic, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Being seaside, sandy, and warm, logistics for your picnic are very important. We’ll handle all the fine details, but we’d like to point out a few things that will factor into your location choice for your beachside picnic.

  • Tides

Tides will make a difference in your picnic setup, and it’s best to set up your picnic according to high tide. After all, it’d be awful to risk getting your entertainment and buffet lines washed away!

  • Other Events

You’ll need to be aware of when other events are taking place on the beach. Working your picnic into a day where no other events are taking place is the best way to avoid a crowded beach during your company picnic. Since reservations are made in advance, many locations provide a calendar showing dates and times which are already reserved. It’s always prudent to check!

  • Shade

While your guests might cool off in the water, we always bring in plenty of shaded umbrella tables, tents, lounge cabanas, and chilled refreshments so your guests can take a break from the sunshine.

  • Wind

Wind on the beach can be especially strong, so we always anchor down anything we bring in. Still, though, you’ll need to consider the wind speeds during your company picnic and plan accordingly.

  • Size

We prefer picking beaches with a wide shore if we’ll be setting up inflatables. If you aren’t planning on inflatables, the width might not be as important. Do note that according to the size of your company picnic, you may be able to use a small beach.

  • Accessibility 

It’s always best to choose a location that’s accessible to all! We can bring in things to help out, but nearby parking and ramps or boardwalks can make a location rank higher than the others! We also want to point out that many beaches are located along the very busy Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Do note whether or not your guests may need to cross PCH to arrive at the designated parking at the beach. If travel is a concern, we can provide shuttles for your team.

Employees Playing a Game of Tug-of-War at a Beachside California Company Picnic at Will Rogers State Beach (2560x957)

LA’s Best Beaches

Will Rogers’ State Beach: Best Overall

Will Rogers State Beach is one of the top beaches in LA County for a company picnic. This beautiful beach is 103 acres of pristine sand, and we’re able to rent out plenty of room for a large company picnic with plenty of entertainment for everyone. This beach’s pristine white sands make a good place to play field games, making it one of the best beaches in LA for company picnics. If you’re wondering what Will Rogers State Beach will look like set up, check out what Cartoon Network did at this location, published on our sister site.

Features Include:

  • Rentable Areas on the Sand
  • Well-kept Restroom Areas
  • Ample Parking
  • Volleyball Courts 
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Allows Catering Onsite
  • Inflatables Permitted
  • Amplified Sound Allowed

What to Know:

Being a top beach choice for many people, if you’re planning a picnic at Will Rogers State Beach, we prefer bringing in wristbands as well as security to ensure your picnic can remain private. When working at this beach, we always rent out a section that will be private to your guests, so you can rest assured knowing your picnic experience will be top notch. This beach is popular for good reason: not only is it beautiful, but it comes packed with amenities and is perfect for a company picnic.

Playing a Round of Beach Volleyball at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Company Picnic in Orange County

Santa Monica Beach: Most SoCal Experience

The Santa Monica Beach is a uniquely Southern California type spot, and embodies the SoCal experience to a T, from local foods and entertainment to the beautiful white sand and gorgeous blue ocean. This beach and its nearby iconic pier are truly astounding. This location is sure to give your guests a once-in-a-lifetime company picnic experience and be the talk of the office for ages to come. 

Features Include:

  • Nearby the Iconic Santa Monica Pier
  • Also Nearby the Pacific Park Amusement Park
  • Live Entertainment & Local Cuisine Nearby
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Picnic Areas 
  • Playgrounds
  • Well-kept Restrooms
  • Bike Path & Bike Rentals
  • Wooden Paths for Wheelchair Users

What to Know:

The beach as well as its nearby attractions are an extremely popular destination, so be sure to plan your event accordingly. We’d also recommend a fun addition: give away tickets for the nearby attractions as raffle prizes! This locale is an iconic spot as well as a great way to get the true SoCal experience at your company picnic.

Employees Playing a Game of Water Balloon Toss at Edwards Lifesciences' Team Building Day in Newport Beach

Mother’s Beach Marina: Most Peaceful Waters

Mother’s Beach Marina is so named for being a protected lagoon inside a cove. Its waters are uniquely tranquil thanks to this, without surf and completely placid. The marina sits in a cozy spot both on the water and on the land, the land being nestled by the surrounding town of Marina del Rey. While not particularly an oceanfront beach, its serene waters make it a prime spot for company picnics with a focus on paddleboarding and rafting or all-ages picnics with children.

Features Include:

  • Barbeque Pits
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Paved ADA Ramp to the Waterline
  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Paddleboard Rentals
  • Amplified Sound Permitted

What to Know:

This beach, being a protected inlet and cove, is small, at half a mile. However, being a small location, this group is best suited for small company picnics or team building events. Mother’s Beach backs up to the town of Marina del Rey, where hotels are all within walking distance. Mother’s Beach is perfect for any company picnics or team building events with a focus on water activities, as the lagoon stays placid and has no surf.

Luxury Picnics Ideas: Paddle Boarding as Entertainment at Edwards' 2021 Staff Outing in Newport Beach, CA

Zuma Beach: Best for Surfing

This iconic surfing spot is also a top choice for your LA County company picnic. The surf here is iconic, so if your team has a penchant for surfing, this beach is perfect for their day out. The beach itself has plenty of open, wide sandy stretches, perfect for setting up a base for your picnic with loads of umbrella tables, buffet lines, refreshments, and, of course, games and activities. It’s also a great spot for diving, fishing, and swimming. The beach comes with restroom facilities and ample parking.

Features Include

  • Beach Volleyball courts
  • Great for Diving 
  • Easily Accessible Parking
  • Restrooms On Site
  • Great for Surfing
  • Walkway (wheelchair accessible)
  • Amplified Sound Permitted
  • Inflatables Allowed
  • Alcohol Permitted

What to Know:

Zuma Beach is incredibly popular for surfers and surfing events, so it’s best to check to ensure you pick a date where your picnic won’t overlap with an event. The rip current here is exceptionally strong, which is great for surfing, but does need to be noted when entering the water. Nevertheless, Zuma Beach is an iconic Malibu beach, and serves well for a company picnic.

Group Showing off Their Henna Tattoos at Edwards' Company Cookout in Newport Beach

Point Dume State Beach: Most Beautiful View

Point Dume State Beach is one of our longtime favorite beaches in LA County for hosting company picnics. This beautiful white sand beach is an amazing backdrop to a company picnic of any size. Point Dume features breathtaking scenery, backdropped by cliffs and with a gorgeous vista of open blue ocean. This LA County beach is notable for its wildlife and rock climbing. During winter and early spring, pods of majestic gray whales can be seen migrating by the beach. So, too, do the cliffs nearby make an excellent place for rock-climbing team building activities or an experience during a company excursion. The climb is moderate and well-suited for novices. Point Dume makes an excellent spot for your beach company picnic with not only plenty of wide open area for picnic setups, but plenty to do around its grounds.

Features Include:

  • Rentable areas right on the sand
  • Volleyball courts
  • Accessible restrooms
  • The beauty of the California Coastline
  • Rock climbing routes
  • Plenty of sea life, including migrating gray whales from December – April
  • Alcohol Permitted
  • Amplified Sound Allowed
  • Inflatables Allowed

What to Know:

Point Dume State Beach is tucked away in a peninsula area, and parking does not back up onto the beach. However, the parking lot is spacious and allows plenty of room for a large group of picnic guests. However, on the walk from the parking lot to the beach, you’re greeted with a beautiful view that makes it even more worthwhile. The bluffs behind the beach are a great spot for seaside rock climbing, and are sure to draw you to this location if you’re looking for a unique excursion experience.

Archery Competition at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Themed Staff Picnic in Orange County

Granada Beach: Best Travelling

Granada Beach is a great spot if your team will need to travel from either neighboring county, as its place between LA County and Orange County means it makes for an easy commute. This beach is also breathtaking, with plenty of green forest surrounding its pristine white shores. The open stretches of sand make it ideal for setting up game booths or inflatables and arranging field games. Its parking is accessible and ample, so your team won’t have to worry about finding a space. 

Features Include:

  • Volleyball Nets
  • Bike Stands for Biking Excursions
  • Great Parking
  • Alcohol Permitted
  • Centralized Between OC and LA
  • Well-kept Bathrooms
  • Inflatables Allowed
  • Amplified Sound Permitted

What to Know:

Rosie’s Beach nearby is pet-friendly, but Granada Beach itself is not. Nevertheless, this beach is prime for traveling from both nearby counties, being located directly in between. The parking is ample and accessible, and means that no matter where your team is from, this beach is close by to every member.

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Looking for More LA Spots for Your Company Picnic?

Check out our page on the best spots in Los Angeles County for company picnics. And, as always, no matter the location for your company picnic, when you plan with us, it’ll truly be one to remember. We’ll handle all permits and act as a liaison between you and beach management to ensure your picnic experience is smooth and enjoyable. We’ve developed great relationships to beach management across LA County, and whether you have one of these locations or another in mind, we’d be more than happy to help. To get started, simply fill out the form below or call our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. We’d love to help you plan your own LA beach company picnic!