Collaboration Games

Selecting Size of Teams

Choosing the right number of players for collaboration games is an important aspect of planning your team building event. The ideal team size ensures that participants have a balanced and effective experience and will vary depending on the game you’re playing. Too few members may lead to limited perspectives and ideas, reducing the diversity of thought essential for problem-solving and creativity. On the other hand, overly large teams can make it challenging for every member to actively engage and contribute. This article will explore collaborative games for adults according to objectives and team sizes. 

Collaborative Games: Wet Sponge Relay at Company Picnic

Choosing the Best Activities

When choosing collaboration games, you must keep in mind that you are planning an activity with a purpose behind it. Team building is primarily focused on developing certain areas that have the potential to benefit your business in the long run. Rather than focusing on the broad concept of collaboration, you should devote time and attention to specific sub-areas in which your company can greatly benefit. 

To do so, you’ll need to know what exact goals you want the activity to focus on. Furthermore, these goals should be in line with your company’s needs, structure, and culture.

Goals and Objectives Can Be:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  •  Verbal Communication
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Team Bonding Experiences

According to your objectives, there is a wide range of team building activities and experiences according to team sizes. Some games work better with fewer players, and some work better on a large scale. 

Team Sizes in Collaborative Games

Plan Your Team Sizes Accordingly

After careful observation and analysis, Wharton University’s Katherine Klein determined the ideal number of people per team to be five. But what if your event will have far more people than that? If you’re hosting a large event, you don’t want to have too many teams per game. Whether your group is large, or small, there’s a game for everyone out there!

The Perfect Team Size: Examples

Teams of 5-10

  • Cardboard Boat Building Race (Communication, Collaboration)
  • Marshmallow Tower Challenge (Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking)
  • Human Knot (Problem-Solving, Communication)
  • Two Truths and a Lie (Team Bonding, Creative Thinking)
  • Quickfire Olympics Challenge (Team Bonding, Collaboration)
  • Sandcastle Competition (Team Bonding, Communication, Collaboration)
  • ATV Racing (Team Bonding, Communication)
  • Paddleboard Racing (Collaboration, Team Bonding)

Teams of 11-15

  • Assembling Wheelchairs for Charity (Team Bonding, Collaboration, Communication)
  • Balloon Toss (Team Bonding)
  • Tug of War (Team Bonding, Collaboration)
  • Human Obstacle Course (Collaboration)
  • Team Charades (Communication, Creative Thinking, Problem-Solving)
  • Scavenger Hunt (Problem-Solving, Collaboration)
  • Baseball Match (Team Bonding, Collaboration)
  • Golf (Team Bonding)

Teams of 15-30

  • Relay Races (Team Bonding, Collaboration)
  • Bike Rides (Team Bonding)
  • Minefield (Communication, Collaboration) 
  • Volunteering as a Team (Communication, Collaboration, Team Bonding)
  • Team Trivia (Team Bonding, Problem-Solving)
  • Assembling Bikes for Charity (Communication, Collaboration)
  • Skydiving Relay Race (Team Bonding, Collaboration)
  • Hiking (Communication, Team Bonding)

If you’re looking for more collaborative games for adults, check out our most creative and unique team building games.

Collaboration Games: Water Balloon Toss at Company Picnic

Collaboration Games for Every Size!

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