Examples of Flyers for Company Picnics

A well designed flyer is important; it’s a way to communicate information about your company picnic as well as a way to get your guests excited for the event. Here at A Company Picnic, we have staff on-hand to design your promotional flyers and ensure they look good while both exciting and informing your guests.  In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so important to design a good invitational flyer for your picnic, and give some examples of flyers for company picnics that display the best qualities. 

Why is Invitational Flyer Design So Important?

Invitational flyer design is important for many reasons. This is your team’s first impression of your event, and you want it to be amazing and communicative. It needs to be both visually appealing and answer as many questions they may have as possible. Your flyer should inform the guests of the picnic’s date, location, time, and any other information, like amount of guests, age range, etc. that they’ll need to know. An eye-catching picnic invitation is also a great way to ensure your team gets a great first impression of the company picnic. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for branding and showcasing your logo and brand colors. We’d like to mention, it’s always a good idea to note any themes you might have for your company picnic on the flyer as well. To recap:

The Importance of Invitation Design:

  • Making a great first impression about your picnic
  • Grabbing the attention of potential guests with visual appeals
  • Branding with your logo 
  • Information they’ll need to know before the picnic

Examples of Flyers for Company Picnics

Examples of Flyers for Company Picnics

This picnic flyer gives plenty of information, and its bright colors are sure to grab your attention. Carnival themed company picnics are perfect for all ages, and this flyer points out that there’ll be fun for everyone.

Vibrant Company Picnic Flyer Design

This eye-catching, colorful flyer is befitting of a spring/summer picnic. It balances minimalist font with the vibrant, summery graphics, making it well-balanced and visually appealing.

Classic Style Company Picnic Flyer Design Example

This flyer’s graphics and information are well-designed and thorough. Note every detail included on the flyer; this is a fine example of a company picnic invitation!

Dia de Muertos Company Picnic Flyer

This themed invitational flyer is eye-catching, visually appealing, and bilingual! Its design is as genius as it is beautiful.

Halloween Company Picnic Flyer Example

This flyer is full of information and eye-catching graphic design! Note the line about guest count, something which your own guests might need to know as well.

California Themed Company Picnic Flyer

This design is thematically inspired and visually appealing. Its minimalist font compliments the graphics nicely, and ties the whole thing together.

Olympics Themed Picnic Flyer Example

This design is vibrant, decorative, and informative all in one package. Not only does it inform guests of the theme, but the theme-centered games and activities as well.

International Theme Company Picnic Flyer Design

This flyer is simple but powerful. Including international flags to compliment its International theme, in a very minimalistic way, is visually stunning and well-designed.

Company Picnic Flyer Design: Safari Theme

This flyer includes plenty of information, and the call-to-action to RSVP as well. Its design is pleasing to the eye and perfectly represents its Safari theme.

Examples of Flyers for Company Picnics: Fiesta Theme

This invitation is beautifully designed, with plenty of bright colors and branding on it. So too does it have everything its invitees will need to know, including what prize tickets they can receive at the raffle!

Western Themed Company Picnic Flyer

This company’s invitational flyer has plenty of visual appeal, as well as everything its guests will need to know, including themed entertainment. In short, it’s as informative as it is beautiful!

Impressive Picnic Flyers…and So Much More!

Are you looking to host your next company picnic? A Company Picnic is here to help. We have over 35 years of experience planning unforgettable company picnics, and we’d be more than happy to plan yours. Want to see what we can do? Check out our case studies page for examples of our latest and greatest picnics. To get started planning your own, you can fill out the form below or call our picnic planners directly at 1.800.316.6722. We’ll give you an unforgettable company picnic, flyers and all! We hope these examples of flyers for company picnics have inspired you for your next big event.