Your Staff’s Roles at a Company Picnic

When planning the biggest, best company picnic the world has ever seen, the reason for hosting the event can get lost in the hustle and bustle. Remember the goal is to boost employee engagement and team building; the camaraderie that grows from the food, fun, and games plays a crucial role in achieving this. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate world of company picnic planning, shedding light on your EAC’s roles and responsibilities that make these events memorable.

Your Event Advisory Committee (EAC)

Your Event Advisory Committee (EAC) is the backbone of the planning process. By ensuring each department is represented, this dynamic team ensures diverse perspectives and a well-rounded approach. The EAC is in charge of not only bringing the fun but also ensuring communication between your company and your employees is top-notch. The “fun committee” has plenty of responsibilities of its own, each facet invaluable in the picnic planning process. That’s why our picnic managers will work closely with your EAC throughout the process.

How we share responsibilities with your Event Advisory Committee for a company picnic

Your Responsibilities

Your EAC is in charge of quite a few responsibilities during the picnic planning process. From communicating with employees who will be attending the picnic to giving our agency headcounts and budget requirements, your role in picnic planning is vital. The following are a few of the responsibilities your team will take care of during the process.

Registration: The EAC spearheads the registration process, setting deadlines and meticulously collecting essential information to guarantee a seamless experience for all participants. This is vital to ensuring employees are in the know while also getting an accurate guest count. Our picnic managers will advise you on the best time to open your RSVP, as well as design the landing page for you.

Engagements: To infuse the event with excitement, the committee takes charge of selecting and organizing engaging activities, from raffles and awards ceremonies to spirited games and competitions. Our agency, meanwhile, will assist you in ensuring you have a variety of engagement options, such as all-ages or both passive and active.

Entertainment: While carefully considering budget constraints and the target audience, the EAC is responsible for curating a delightful entertainment lineup. Our picnic coordinators will collaborate with the EAC to find the best entertainment for the picnic and assist in making sure all entertainment fits into your budget.

Communication: Keeping the company informed is paramount. The EAC takes charge of sharing regular updates, crucial information, and friendly reminders with employees leading up to the event. Event flyers are tantamount to the communication process and should communicate everything about the event clearly. Your EAC will also communicate directly with those of us managing the picnic. Our picnic coordinators will also advise you on how and when to communicate details of your picnic to your employees.

Benefits & Charity: Going beyond the festivities, the committee coordinates any charitable contributions or employee benefit programs associated with the picnic, emphasizing the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Your EAC’s role at a company picnic and how we work together


Before the event planning can begin, a few things must be decided upon. Our agency can assist you in certain ways, like by helping you narrow down the perfect location or designing your invitations and flyers. However, it’s best to have your dates and other pertinent information ready beforehand. Here are some examples of things your EAC will need to know before planning your company picnic.

Dates & Invitations: Setting the tone for the event, the EAC determines registration dates and provides input for visually appealing invitations to entice employees to join the celebration. With the dates given to us by the EAC, our agency will advise your company on when to send save-the-dates or reminders for your picnic. 

ion: With budget, accessibility, and desired atmosphere in mind, the committee carefully selects the perfect venue for the company picnic. Our picnic planners will help out with this part of the planning process if you’re unsure of a precise location or simply want someone else to choose. We’ll work with you to find (and book!) the perfect location for your needs. We have an extensive network of parks and locations nationwide, and we’ll ensure your park meets the criteria you need (such as allowing amplified sound) and is also close to your offices to reduce your team’s travel time.

Information: Clear and concise communication is key. The EAC ensures that employees receive all necessary information about the event well in advance. Once more, our agency can help advise you on the best time to communicate information and ensure your team has all the information they’ll need to enjoy your company picnic.

How we collaborate with your EAC


Our picnic planners will draft a proposal based on the information given to us by your EAC as well as an order of events. The EAC must look over our notes and order of events and approve them before the event begins. So, too, must a representative approve all menu options.

Schedule: Before the event, your EAC will collaborate with our agency to craft a schedule of when to book (both the picnic spot and the catering and entertainment), when to open RSVP, and, in general, what will need to be done to start making arrangements. At the time of the picnic, the committee approves the picnic planner’s event schedule, detailing timings for activities, meals, and well-deserved breaks. After the event, the schedule moves into follow-up questionnaires, social media highlights, and other forms of post-event marketing.

Agenda: Crafting a comprehensive agenda, the EAC reviews the event planner’s outline of the day’s events, ensuring that every moment is packed with enjoyment and camaraderie. Our picnic coordinators will present your EAC with a detailed event agenda, covering each part from start to finish, for review before the picnic.

Signage: The committee devises a signage budget, and also approves the posted signage our picnic managers have readied for the event. Our picnic managers will advise your EAC on where to place signage to allow staff to find their way. Making sure no one gets lost or turned around and ensuring the traffic flow is smooth is important to your team’s enjoyment of the day. Menus: Pleasing the palate is part of the plan, as food makes for an even more memorable event. The EAC approves catering options and menus for meals and refreshments that cater to diverse tastes.

Your staff’s roles at a company picnic & how we work together

Employee Communication:

Employee communication is vital throughout the planning process. Here are a few ways the EAC ensures communication goes smoothly and effectively.

Information Sharing: The EAC takes charge of communicating vital details to employees, including dress code, what to bring, and transportation options, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for the festivities.

Theme: Announcing the chosen theme for the picnic is a moment of excitement, aligning it with the company’s internal theme and the year’s motto for a unified and festive atmosphere.

Branding: Integrating company branding and logos seamlessly into the event, the EAC maintains professionalism while creating a visually cohesive and spirited atmosphere.

Your staff’s roles at your company picnic are important!

….And Our Role at Your Company Picnic

Our picnic planning agency is here to not only collaborate with your EAC but also to provide full-service picnic management.

Whether it’s bringing in an MC to lead the picnic, organizing team building activities, providing top-notch food and beverage services, or staffing carnival rides with trained professionals, our agency handles the fine details for you, leaving you open to focus on the bigger picture. Our picnic coordinators are ready to advise you on planning an amazing picnic within your budget, timeline, and needs. 

For more information on what goes into coordinating a company picnic, see our blog article on our team’s roles and responsibilities. If you’d like to get started planning your next picnic, simply fill out the form below. Our picnic managers are here for you!