The Best Team Building Activities for Your Summer Picnic

Are you planning a company outing this summer? Looking for some of the best team building activities for summer picnics? Here at A Company Picnic, we’ve spent 35 years planning amazing summer staff and family days. We’ve got you covered in your quest for team building games. In our opinion, summer events are perfect for field games and team building activities. Whether it’s a classic round of tug-of-war or oversized board games in the sun, there’s no shortage of amazing activities to choose from. Let’s get into it!

Team Building Field Game Ideas:

Field games are an amazing way to pump up your staff at any picnic for employees. We personally feel that something about them just sets the scene for any staff outing. It’s a classic activity for a reason, after all! Here’s some of our favorite field games with a focus on teamwork and team building:

  • Three-Legged Race
  • Wet Sponge Relay
  • Tug-of-War
  • Relay Races
  • Water Balloon Toss
Playing a Game of Beach Volleyball at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Themed Company Outing in Orange County

Company Picnic Theme Ideas for Team Building:

  • Team Building Theme
  • Sports Theme
  • Field Day Theme
  • Olympics Theme

Competitive Teamwork Games:

Teamwork is essential in the workplace. One way to achieve a sense of teamwork and team building is through games focusing on these aspects at your company picnic. Through coming together in a fun environment, your team can create bonds and a sense of teamwork to carry with them back to the office. Here’s a few of our favorite games highlighting teamwork:

  • Human Sprocket
  • Parachute Volleyball
  • Switcheroo
  • Big Foot Racing
  • Magic Carpet Ride
Playing a Game of Wet Sponge Relay as Field Game Entertainment at Edwards' Employee Appreciation Day in Newport Beach

Company Picnic Menu Ideas for Team Building

  • Finger foods to eat between game rounds
  • Classic picnic menu spread
  • Sports day favorites like wings

Inflatable Team Building Games:

Here at A Company Picnic, we offer no shortage of inflatable games to set up at staff picnics we coordinate. We’ve got plenty of all varieties, from solo game experiences, to ones such as these focused on team building. Here’s a few of our most popular team building inflatable games:

  • MEGA Escape Room
  • Human Foosball
  • Human Billiards
  • Giant Connect Three
  • MEGA Obstacle Course
Bigfoot Racing at Edwards Lifesciences' Luxury Luau Company Picnic in Orange County

Team Building Games for All Ages

  • Capture the Chicken
  • Potato Sack Race
  • Popfly

Team Building Sports Games for Company Outings:

Sports games are a great way to promote team building in an exciting way. Sports, by nature, focus on team cooperation. We’re of the opinion that they’re an incredible way to promote team bonding and connections between your staff. Here’s a few of our most popular sports games for staff outings:

  • Volleyball
  • Tee Ball
  • Flag Football
  • Softball
  • Kickball

Unique Team Building Activity Ideas

When planning activities for your team, it’s always a good idea to think outside of the box. We’ve arranged plenty of unique team building activities over the years, and we’ve got a few favorites in our repertoire. Here’s a few of our favorite unique team building activities:

  • Bike Building for Charity
  • Indoor Skydiving Relay Race
  • Surf’s Up Relay Race
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Scavenger Hunt
Group Lined Up for a Field Game of Water Balloon Toss at ASGN's Staff and Family Outing in Malibu

Here’s To Teamwork and Team Building!

Team building is an important exercise for any business. Fostering bonds between staff members, especially in an employee appreciation setting like a picnic, is an incredible way to make your team stronger. If you were looking for the best team building activities for summer picnics, we hope this article gave you a good starting point. In short, there’s countless amazing activities to promote team building. Here’s to bringing your team together!

Customizable Company Picnic Ideas with a Focus on Team Building

Every company picnic is a chance to strengthen bonds amongst your team and bring them together. Here at A Company Picnic, we offer no shortage of team building games and ideas for your company outing. Our picnic plans are fully customizable and can be tailored entirely to your needs. We handle all permits, setup, teardown, and everything in between. Check out our latest picnic plan for more details. When you partner with us, it’ll be a company picnic to remember!