Company Picnic Arts & Crafts Ideas

Arts and crafts are well-beloved by all ages, and with good reason! These activities not only are fun, but leave picnic-goers with a tangible keepsake. So, too, can many of the arts and crafts ideas on this list make an amazing addition to your company’s lobby. If you’re looking for arts and craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide array to choose from! Let’s explore a few of our favorite themed choices.

Spring Crafts

  • Dot Art – Using dot stickers atop drawn grass and flower stems is a great way to celebrate Spring – All ages
  • Paper Cherry Blossoms – Cherry blossoms are a classic part of spring, and by crafting them out of paper, guests of all ages can relish in their seasonal beauty – All ages
  • Flower Crown Making – Using an assortment of fabric flowers, greenery, and floral wire, guests can create their own gorgeous flower crowns – All ages
  • Butterfly Garden Markers – With wooden stakes and colorful paint as their basis, these garden markers can be showcased at home or in front of your office – All ages
  • Umbrella Painting – Your guests’ artistic side will flourish as they design and paint their own umbrellas – All ages
  • DIY Terrariums – Using glass containers, soil, and small plants, adults and kids alike will love crafting their own miniature garden – All ages
  • Painted Flower Pots – Using only clay pots and paint, attendees can create unique spring-themed pots to plant flowers or herbs in later – All ages
Arts & Crafts Ideas for Company Picnics

Summer Crafts

  • Beach Bag Decorating – Provide canvas bags, fabric paint, and stencils so your guests can make their own beach bags – All ages
  • Sun Hats – Supply plain straw hats along with ribbons, fabric, and embellishments for your crafters to deck them out with – All ages
  • Sand Art Bottles – Using tinted sand layered into unique patterns, these bottles make an amazing decoration for the home or workplace – All ages
  • Tie-Dyed T-Shirts – A classic summer activity made better with branded tees! – All ages
  • Seashell Wind Chimes – Using various sizes of shells strung on strings, crafters can bring summer vibes back home or to the office – All ages
  • Beach Ball Painting – In rolling beach balls onto paint then onto a canvas, your crafters can create summer art to display in your lobby – All ages
  • Seashell Picture Frames – By gluing varied seashells onto provided wooden frames, crafters of any age will have a beachy keepsake – All ages

Fall Crafts

  • Painting Pumpkins – The finished pumpkins can be displayed around the picnic area or in your office – All ages
  • Treat Bag Crafting – Paired best with trick-or-treat stations! – All ages
  • Paper Masks – Whether they’re masquerade masks or costume masks, the artistically inclined will love this activity
  • Sugar Skull Boxes – Painting Calavera boxes is a great way to celebrate the holiday for all ages – All ages
  • Paper Marigold – The marigold is a classic feature in Dia de Muertos celebrations, and attendees of all ages will enjoy folding their own paper variety – All ages
  • Papel Picado – Cutting  designs into sheets of colorful tissue paper is a classic Dia de Muertos tradition, one suitable for all ages at your company picnic – All ages
  • Leaf Pressing – By painting leaves then pressing them into paper, your attendees can create gorgeous fall scenes. This is ideal for the artistically inclined of any age – All ages
  • Button Trees – Gluing fall-colored buttons to drawn trees on canvas or cardstock is a fun fall craft for all ages – All ages
  • Leaf Art Collages – After collecting colorful fallen leaves, guests will create a collage symbolizing the beauty of autumn – All ages
  • Scarecrow-Making Contest – Supply straw, old clothes, and accessories so teams can showcase their creativity in a seasonal way – All ages
Company Picnic Arts & Crafts Ideas: Pumpkin Decorating

Winter Crafts

  • Paper Snowflake Art – A classic way to ring in the winter months – All ages
  • Penguin Cup Cozy – Using tube socks, glue, felt, and markers, your guests can make a winter cozy for their cocoa cups – All ages
  • Winter Scene Bookmark – Task your crafters to create a winter scene (snowmen, snowflakes, etc) on cardstock, highlighting their creativity and encouraging their artistic side – All ages
  • Snow Globe Making – Using glass balls, fake snow, and small winter figurines, your guests can make their own snowglobes to showcase – All ages
  • Winter Wonderland Dioramas – Given shoeboxes, cotton balls, figurines, and paint, guests can make their own winter scene to be displayed in your business lobby – All ages
  • Fleece Tie Blankets – Using various colors of fleece, attendees can create tie blankets to donate to local charities – Teenagers and adults

Sustainable Craft Ideas

  • Seed Bombs – Use a mixture of clay, soil, and wildflower seeds to be thrown into a designated area to promote wildflower growth and support local pollinators – Teenagers and adults
  • Upcycled Plant Pots – Collect and use empty cans or plastic containers to turn into plant pots decorated with other recycled materials – Teenagers and adults
  • Nature Scavenger Kits – These kits, full of small containers for collecting items and a list of what to find, can be taken home to keep employees and their families engaged with nature – All ages
  • Pinecone Bird Feeders – By fixing millet and seed onto pinecones, your guests can give back to nature in a unique way – All ages
Sustainable Company Picnic Arts & Crafts Ideas

DEI Friendly Crafts

  • Unity Collage – Provide magazines, scissors, and glue for employees to create collages representing unity and diversity. Display the collages as a visual representation of the team’s strength. – Teenagers  and adults
  • Handprint Art – Have participants create handprint art on a large canvas, symbolizing diversity and unity through the unique imprints of each team member. This can be displayed in your business lobby for all to enjoy! – All ages
  • Cultural Flag Banners – Provide materials for creating miniature flags that represent different cultures within the team. String them together to make a colorful and inclusive banner. – All ages
  • Friendship Bracelets – Provide a variety of colors and materials for making friendship bracelets. Encourage crafters to exchange bracelets as a symbol of unity and diversity. – All ages

Carnival Crafts

  • Clown Hat Decorating – Using paper hats, various decorations, and plenty of creativity, crafters can design on-theme hats to add to the fun – All ages
  • Balloon Pop Painting – Fill balloons with paint, attach them to a canvas, and have your crafters pop them to create whimsical abstract art. Perfect for displaying in your workplace! – All ages
  • Carnival Mask Decorating – This craft is not only theme-inspired but sure to draw out the creativity of your guests – All ages
Carnival Themed Company Picnic Arts & Crafts

Retro Crafts

  • Cassette Tape Notebooks – Empty cassette shells attached to a small notebook make for an 80s-inspired novelty – Teenagers and adults
  • Vintage Postcard Decorating – Using vintage-style postcards and art supplies, your crafters can create their own nostalgic designs – All ages
  • Tie-Dye Bandanas – Made even better with your company’s logo stamped on! – All ages
  • Record Painting See how this company offered this unique craft at their Rockabilly picnic! – All ages

Sports-Themed Crafts

  • Foam Sports Pennants – Description: Provide foam sheets in team colors and shapes for employees to create their own sports pennants – All ages
  •  Mini Basketball Hoops – Decorated and designed miniature hoops are perfect for home competitions or a friendly game in the breakroom – All ages 
  • Team Spirit Pom-Poms – Provide colorful tissue paper and dowels for crafters to create their own pom-poms – All ages
Company Picnic Arts & Crafts Ideas: Record Painting

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