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Throw A Company Picnic

Planning a company picnic in Los Angeles? Looking for the best location to host your corporate picnic this year? We can arrange to have your next company picnic on the grounds of a museum with interactive games the best catering in Los Angeles. We can take over the beach and make it entirely yours for the day. When it comes to your location, anything is possible.

Sports Stadiums, gorgeous parks, the grounds of a Hollywood Mansion or down at the Marina with a nautical theme, our event designers will turn your location into whatever world you want it to be. Depending on your theme, we can coordinate team building games and employee challenges on the lawn. We can put you and your guests on the Queen Mary down in Long Beach. We can take over a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and bring you a 1920s Theme with costumes actors representing the period.

Choosing a venue for your next company picnic in Los Angeles should be a fun experience. We want your input and creative ideas on how we can make your location the very best it can be. Your Company Picnic in Los Angeles should be a day to remember and something to cherish. This is where coworkers, friends and family gather to socialize, relax and sometimes compete in team building games. Your venue and location is key to making it the success it deserves to be.

Offering Locations from Glendale to Upland