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Best Picnic Locations in LA

If you’re planning a corporate event or company picnic in Los Angeles, our company is the best pick for you. We’ve hosted amazing events for our clients at places like Cheviot Hills Park, Griffith Park, Elysian Park, Will Rogers Beach, Los Angeles Zoo, Old Lodge (Now Montecillo de leo Politi), and the Sunset Canyon recreation Area.

The Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is a wonderful place to host an employee recognition event. There’s a large open area for company picnic field games and other entertainment, sheltered picnic tables for your corporate picnic barbeque, and lush green foliage surrounding the party area. With ample parking and plenty of space, this is an ideal venue for your corporate outing.

Sunset Canyon Recreation Area

The Sunset Canyon Recreation Area is another great spot for your company event. There’s picnic and barbeque areas for your company picnic, a challenge course perfect for team building exercises, and a volleyball court for field games.

El Segundo Recreation Park

If you’re looking for a park with plenty of sports setups, El Segundo Recreation Park is for you! It’s a massive park with plenty of open, grassy space, and fields and areas for every sport you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to play Tennis, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes or Pickle Ball, they’ve got fields for it all! There’s also two kids’ playgrounds and plenty of picnic tables and parking. If you’re having a big Sports themed company picnic, this is the right location for you.

Kenneth Hahn Park

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is a wonderful place in LA for a company picnic. It’s 401 acres, making it one of the largest parks in the area, so you won’t have to worry about being low on space, even with an entourage of food trucks. There are eight picnic shelters in the park, and 100 picnic tables scattered throughout, and though we usually bring our own furnishings, your guests certainly won’t have to worry about finding a seat. The park sits on pristine Californian coastal shrubland, and features plenty of sports setups for some team building games. All in all, it’s a scenic and spacious park perfect for a company picnic.

USC McCarthy Quad

An often-sought-after event spot, the quad at USC is a manicured green expanse nestled between a couple of the campus’s libraries. The park is wide-open space, making it the perfect layout to fill with inflatables, game tables, and a giant buffet. While it may be pretty minimalist looks-wise, that just means a blank canvas for us to turn into your ideal with one of our themes! The even, level ground in the quad is incredible for a company picnic, and it’s a sought-after location for good reason.

Elysian Park

Elysian Park is another of Los Angeles’s biggest parks, even bigger than Kenneth Hahn! Totaling in at 600 acres, it can hold even the largest staff picnic entourage. Think of all the live entertainment and team building games we can setup in a place like that! It’s a luscious green gem in the cityscape of LA, with the park staff making a long-time, concentrated effort to return the park to wild, natural beauty. The scenery in it is breathtaking, and it’s a perfect way to bring your team into nature for a truly rejuvenating afternoon romp.

Start Planning Your LA Picnic

Any location you can think of, we can make it happen for you. Our company has been in the trade for over 35 years, and we have established ourselves as dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. We handle catering, amenities, set up, and tear down, and strive to give each client the perfect company picnic. Look into our latest picnic package for more information.



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