Can I Plan a Company Picnic in Winter?

As the days grow shorter and a chill comes to the air, you may be wondering if it’s still an appropriate time to host a company picnic. The short answer is, yes. There’s no time of year you can’t host a company picnic, so long as you provide for the weather. Here at A Company Picnic, we have 35 years of experience throwing company picnics year-round. We’re here to say winter is, actually, a great time for corporate picnics! Of course, as we said, there’s variables you need to keep in mind, but we can assure you, we think of everything.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Wintertime is one of the most special times of year. Rich, delicious food, downtime with family (that includes work family!), and festivities abound – what’s not to love? In our humble opinion, in many parts of the country, winter may be the best time to throw a company picnic. The longer nights, cooler temperatures, and cozy atmosphere really make it amazing. Besides, there’s so many fun seasonal activities to take part in, and we can bring them all to any venue or location you’d like. Check out our Winter theme page for some more ideas.

Sledding At Winter Company Picnic

Company Picnic Ideas for Winter:

  • Horse-Drawn Sled Rides
  • Serving Hot Cocoa
  • A Turkey and Dressing Meal
  • Festive Lights and Tabletop Decor
  • Santa Photo Ops

Winter Picnics in Warmer Climates

In many parts of the country, summers can be unbearably hot. For these locales, we often recommend hosting indoor staff picnics during the hottest months, and always provide shade and water features. However, winter is much more temperate in places like California or Texas, and this enables us to give you a dreamy outdoor company picnic. An outdoor venue means even more room for guests, room for so many games and entertainment, as well as a few things only winter can bring. Take a look at all the entertainment we can offer!

We take full advantage of the earlier nightfall, and we can bring in a Christmas lights show or even a drive-in movie to capitalize on the early dusk. If you’re wanting a winter wonderland of your own, but your picnic will be held in a warm climate, we can even bring in snow machines. Pretty much, as far as picnics go, if you dream it, we can achieve it!

Snowman Bouncer at Winter Company Picnic

Winter Company Picnic Ideas for Warm Climates

  • Outdoor Christmas Lights Show
  • Artificial Snow for Playing In
  • Your Very Own Ice-Skating Rink
  • Drive In Movie at Dusk

Winter Picnics in Cooler Climates:

Winter in other locales can be chilly or downright frigid, making it more sensible to host an indoor company picnic. This, though, can be extra special in its own right. We’ve rented out some of the most scenic mansions, as well as luxurious event spaces of all kinds.

For a winter picnic, we can decorate the interior of such spaces with gorgeous festive decorations. Giant Christmas trees, hanging icicles, tinsel, garland; anything you can think of! Our event coordinators are sure to make any event space look marvelous, as well as seasonal. Imagine your team playing games and sharing eggnog or cocoa in front of a fireplace, in the twinkling glow of Christmas lights. Indoor venues can bring a sense of closeness and comfort to any event. If you’re worried about a venue being too small, don’t worry any more. We can get permission for venues of any size you need!

Mechanical Snowboard Game at Winter Company Picnic

Winter Company Picnic Ideas for Cool Climates

  • Portable Bonfire/Fireplace
  • Indoor Venue Decorated with Plenty of Holiday Cheer
  • Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Gingerbread House Making Station

The Benefits of Throwing a Winter Picnic

As mentioned earlier, winter picnics can capitalize on many aspects of the season, from early sunsets to cooler temperatures. And, besides, something about winter just makes us all feel like coming together. It’s never a bad time to throw a company picnic, but something about wintertime picnics just warms our heart, as much as the cocoa we’re serving! Winter is the best time of year, after all, to show people in your life how much they mean to you, and that extends to your team.

Gingerbread House Bouncer at Winter Company Picnic

Reindeer Games

Whether it’s outdoors and with your very own ice rink, or indoors in a beautiful ranch house, we can turn any location into your dream one. For a cooler climate, being inside, cozy, and with a group is what winter is all about. Not to mention the sheer number of seasonal activities to partake in. Whether it’s an ugly sweater contest or a gingerbread house competition, there’s no shortage of fun to be had.

Customizable Company Picnic Ideas for Winter

So, the answer to today’s pressing question is yes, of course you can throw a company picnic in winter! If you’d like to get ready for some snow day fun, just check out the form below. Our expert event coordinators will help you every step of the way to plan the wintertime company picnic of your dreams.