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Santa Ana

Planning Company Outings & Events

When planning a company outing in Santa Ana you will want to have the best location possible for you and your guests. Our party and event planners have worked with the friendly staff and management at The Santa Ana Zoo for many years and have created the most memorable company outings in Orange County.

The Santa Ana Zoo

Whether you’re a grown up or a child, everyone loves being at the zoo. It is a wonderful place to experience the wild and learn about the different animals together. It is both educational, and fun!

Sana Ana Zoo is the ideal spot for a family friendly employee event or your next company outing. With hundreds of exotic animals, there is always something to see at The Santa Ana Zoo. We include some fun, structured group entertainment to ensure your day at the zoo is still a group event.

Some extra features at the site for rental include:

Amazon’s Edge – a shining example of a rain forest surrounded by trees and tropical shrubbery. You can hear the howl of a Black Howler monkeys or the steady rush of a nearby waterfall.

Sazoo’s Party Area – This area has a wonderful view of the Jack Lynch Aviary, which is home to the very playful Ring-Tailed Lemurs.

Train Depot Plaza – The Zoofari Express is ready to take you throughout the zoo or you can simply watch as it passes by. The area includes a carousel and play area as well as rare-breed farm animals.

Amphitheater Park – This is a largest area able to seat 800 and is great for a large company picnic or gala event. It has a tiki buffet bar and an area for a stage, seating area, horseshoe pits and volleyball net.

Planning Your Day at the Santa Ana Zoo

Santa Ana Zoo is the ideal spot for a variety of events and parties. Our party event planners in Santa Ana have great respect for nature and the outdoors which is why they take extra care when setting up your party, catering on site, and cleaning it after the party is over. We always leave the area in pristine condition for the next guests to enjoy.

We are dedicated to bringing you only the best event locations in Orange County.

There is a reason why we are one of the top event planning companies in Southern California. With over 30 years of experience of successful events in Santa Ana, our event party planning specialists are devoted to making your next company outing the best it can be. And that starts with a great location.