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Garden Grove’s Amazing

Locations for Company Picnics

Planning a company outing in Garden Grove? Looking for the right location for your group? Our event planners have over 30 years experience planning large events in Garden Grove. In that time, our team has worked with some indoor and outdoor venues and can help you find the perfect location for your event.

The Atlantis Play Center

The Atlantis Play Center in Garden Grove is located at 9301 Westminster Avenue. Our event planners have a unique relationship with Atlantis Play Center which allows them to utilize the grounds completely. The entire park is filled with maritime-themed rides and slides to thrill all ages. Atlantis Play Center is set on four acres and is designed to replicate Atlantis, that mythical place that sank in 3000 BC. With a shaded picnic shelter, it is perfect for any company picnic. By the way, the shaded picnic area features Grecian columns and inverted seashells…how cool is that?!

Large Grass Areas for Group Picnics

With plenty of seating in the main pavilion, there are also large open grass areas for picnic games, moon bounces, and inflatables. In keeping with the undersea theme, the children’s play structures include sea serpents and concrete animals. Because of these amenities and more, Atlantis Play Center Park has become an incredibly popular picnic venue for the corporate barbeque.

Atlantis Play Center offers a shaded picnic shelter with 28 existing tables, exciting theme design of Grecian columns, inverted seashells, giant sea serpents, and more. It rests on four acres with children’s play areas and plenty of open space for picnic games, moon bounces, and inflatables. It is perfect for a Luau or Olympic theme picnic.

Plenty of Fun for Everyone

Our event planners in Garden Grove have brought families and companies together over the years to use the park to entertain children and provide an ideal space for family fun. It is incredibly safe with sand, and recycled rubber play surfaces, large trees for shade and adults are not allowed in without children and children are not allowed in without adults. It’s an expansive park with plenty of fun for everyone.

We are Garden Grove’s most trusted party planner with more than 30 years of experience in providing unique themes and venues for everything from corporate picnics to team building outings and cookouts. Atlantis Play Center has worked with us many times, and we have developed a long-lasting relationship that few other have. We can work with them to transform your event into the vision you imagined.

Offering the best catering in Garden Grove, we provide your guests with fabulous barbecue menus, exciting picnic entertainment, unique theme concepts, and superior service which includes an attentive and competent event production team, experienced picnic staff, first-rate team of entertainers, and seasoned culinary staff.