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Fullerton Picnics

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When it comes to planning your event in Orange County we think always feel that is starts with your location. Craig Regional Park in Fullerton is simply the perfect location for any company picnics or outdoor barbeque.

Craig Regional Park

Ted Craig Regional Park in Fullerton is located at 3300 State College Blvd. If you’re planning a company picnic in Orange County it is a prime location. Our party and event planners have been working with the staff and management at Craig Regional Park for several years and have created some of the most amazing social parties, corporate picnics, and company events at this beautiful location. Our party planners in Fullerton know how to use every inch of this magnificent space to bring you the best barbecue menus, the most exciting picnic themes and the best live entertainment.

Craig Regional Park in Fullerton is simply the perfect location for any company picnics or outdoor barbeque. The park rests on 124 acres and features beautiful lush green lawns, two creeks and a tranquil pond, plenty of shaded picnic areas for company picnics, a rose garden, and lots of open grass area for company picnic games, moon bounces, and inflatables. Because of these amenities and more, Craig Regional Park has become an incredibly popular picnic venue for the corporate barbeque.

Craig Regional Park offers 124 acres of lush green grass hills, beautiful lakes, creeks and ponds, plenty of shade, ample parking, shaded picnic areas perfect for corporate picnics, open grass area for picnic games, moon bounces, and inflatables. It can accommodate large numbers of guests, it has children’s play equipment and a professional ball field.

Planning Your Fullerton Event

Our event planners in Fullerton can provide tenting and other amenities to help make things more comfortable. Tents provide shading from the heat and provides structure to exposed open areas. Tents are also great to dine in, dance in and enjoy our full Bar and Beverage Service in.

Craig Regional Park is the ideal spot for a variety of events and parties of all types. Our party event coordinators in Orange County have a great respect for the outdoors and make sure to take complete care up set up and tear down, and always take out the trash. We strive to leave this natural setting just the way we found it so that other guests may enjoy it.

This particular park offers something for everyone. It is picturesque, spacious and clean. With parking management on site, handling of any required permits and the best event design and catering in Fullerton, you and your guests will enjoy the great outdoors and have a truly memorable experience.

With over 30 years planning events in Fullerton, we are in a unique position to bring that experience to the party. Your Party.