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The Best Anaheim Locations

For Company Picnics

Company picnic planning in Orange County this year? Featherly Regional Park has been the prime location for some of the biggest company picnics and team building outings for many years. This is simply a magnificent location for any outdoor event. And our event planners in Orange County know how to take full advantage of it, using every inch of this massive space for catering, entertainment, event logistics, parking and valet management and more.

Located in the heart of the Santa Ana Canyon this vast wilderness has a restricted public access giving you and your guests a sense of privacy and seclusion. With dozens of viewing opportunities and nature walks, it is an untamed wilderness ready for you to explore.

Featherly Regional Park

You will also have the benefit of wide open areas for your corporate picnic which can accommodate any number of guests. Featherly Regional Park offers privacy and charm as well as a blank canvas for all kinds of company picnic themes.

Event planners in Orange County will provide tenting and other amenities to help make things more comfortable for everyone while outdoors. Tents are always a good idea for this particular setting because they provide shading from the heat and gives structure to the otherwise exposed area.

Featherly Regional Park is the ideal spot for a variety of events and parties of all types. Our party event coordinators have built a special relationship with the management of Featherly Regional Park over the years and also love working with their friendly team. There are many rules associated with outdoor venues and we have a reputation for leaving them in better shape than when we came. As always, we completely take care of set up and tear down, take out the trash and preserve the area for future use.

Anaheim’s Top Event Planners

With over 30 years of experience finding company picnic locations in Orange County our event party planning specialists are renowned for their reliability and dedication to the customer. Whether you need someone to help put your vision together or plan an event from start to finish, look no further.